The Rewards of Juice Cleansing

I have just completed a 6 Day Juice Cleanse and Today is Day 7 where I will be breaking my Cleanse.

Some people are curious to why I juice Cleanse, why so frequently and what are the benefits if its not about weight loss?

Juice Cleansing in my opinion has so much to offer, and my belief is it is a great tool to have to be able to use in your life if the need arises.

Reasons I juice cleanse :

  • Re-alkalising my body
  • A great kickstart to get back into eating lots of Living foods
  • I feel refreshed, renewed and Clean from the inside out
  • The extra Hydration
  • My skin glows – especially from a green juice cleanse
  • My Digestion rests and releases old waste that can cause inflammation, disease, skin outbreaks, candida.
  • Emotional Growth
  • Healing and becoming aware of Emotional Eating
  • At the Change of seasons to prepare my body for change.
  • To Gain more Energy, Clarity and a clearer focus.
  • Helps me de-clutter my body and mind which reflects into my  home and life
  • Resets my taste buds and my appreciation for healthy foods
  • Clears any brain fog
  • Skin is softer, no need to use any products
  • Hair and nails improve in condition and strength
  • Boosts my motivation when working on projects, Helps creativity because of the extra energy and clarity

As you can see, so many different reasons!

Each time I cleanse it’s different, my body always knows what it’s doing, and I listen to it as much as I can and as carefully as I can.

What I love most about Juice cleansing is the emotional growth it gives me, it’s tough at times, when you “think” your hungry but really it’s just a time when you are bored, tired or just trying to fill an emotional hole.  When your just drinking Juice you will feel light and the food isn’t there for you to numb out that feeling, or numb emotions you don’t want to feel. With a cleanse you have the time to feel these emotions arise, sit with them and learn so much more about yourself, and  learning what true hunger is, your true appetite.

You learn to fill that time when you would usually be just eating for the sake of it, healthy food or not.., but to use that time to build a new healthier habit and fill that void with music, art, drawing, dancing, yoga, meditation, reading, singing, exercising, talking with loved ones, giving your body what it really needs instead of food it doesn’t need, want, or have the capacity to digest.

I believe Juice Cleansing has lots of rewards, and you will always learn and gain something beneficial  from it, all the work, strength, time and care you put in and the love you gave to your body and yourself!

I’m very grateful for this Juice Feast and I feel refreshed renewed and excited for life 🙂

If you have any questions on Juicing and Juice Cleansing feel free to contact me. 

My next  post will be about how to break a Juice Cleanse beneficially as this is as important as the cleanse too!


  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight  loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at juice

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