Day 1- 2 of My Juice Cleanse

I’m through day one! Which to me is always the most challenging.. especially when you go on Instagram and see all the yummy pictures of healthy whole foods ūüėČ I had to break my Instagram habit for one day, today it’s okay I can handle it!

So Day one I woke up really hungry which usually doesn’t happen to me! ¬†So typical for the day I start my ¬†3 day Juice Cleanse. I was thinking about the yummy Chia porridge I usually have and getting all excited and then I remember! No it’s Juice Cleanse time.. so yes ¬†the first day definitely was a test of will, but it’s always worth it.

I started my day with a large glass of filtered water, then a 40 minute cycle delivering my juices around Milton Keynes, followed by a rebounding session to get my lymphatic system moving!

My first Juice was a Love your Liver Lemon, YUM! I love this Juice and the garlic in it, makes my immune system feel strong.

This Juice filled me up and gave me enough energy to carry on till around 12 were I made 2 more juices!

Blueberries and Cucumber which I drank straight away, then popped out to town to run some errands, I also enjoyed a coconut water in town which hydrated me even more! I love how hydrated you feel on a Juice Cleanse, I can feel my skin is softer already!!

I saved my green juice for when I got back, which consisted of Kale, Romaine, Lemon and Ginger!

My body started to feel a little tired in the afternoon, and I could feel that the detoxing had begun, and it had started to get to work cleaning house. I decided to have an Enema to help any toxins move through and then had a hot essential Neals Yard oil bath.

These little things are essential to me for a beneficial cleanse, to take the time to listen to my body, be kind, gentle and make the most of the stillness that your body may crave. With most cleanses you will feel the urge to turn inward, reflect on things, meditate, be still, read books… In this busy world, I really cherish these times whilst cleansing and to take time for me! ¬†This is so beneficial to a total mind and body cleanse.

I finished the day with a meditation which I found on You tube! i have to share it, it was amazing, and left me feeling so blissed out, I fell asleep by 9:30pm!

I awoke feeling great! and I’m now on Day 2! I can feel my energy flowing, I’m feeling more balanced and much more creative too. I have quite a few tasks to do today, I’m grateful for the extra energy a Juice Cleanse give me.

I can’t wait for the benefits of 3 days and Birthday celebrations to look forward to!

Happy Juice Cleansing!!! ‚̧


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