Another 30 day Challenge – Reaching your Goals!

It’s that time! Time for another personal challenge. I love giving myself challenge’s, for me it’s a great way of bringing healthier habits into my life for the LONGTERM!

For me healthy eating is a lifestyle not a Yoyo diet or restriction diet of thinking about what I can’t have. I have come to where I am today through challenging myself and working at a pace which is right for me.

30 day Challenge’s work well for me, they do say after 21 days you have built a habit, or you can break a habit that doesn’t serve you..

Sometimes there is so much we want to do, but if we try it all at once we feel overwhelmed, stressed and our intentions don’t usually last and we give in much sooner. That’s why I like to set myself 30 days and focus on a few things and bring them in that way. It’s also a good experiment to see if it works for you and your particular unique body. We are not the same folks, we need to be our own guru’s.

The 30 days Challenge’s I have done so far this year:

  • I recently did the Rose Cleanse which was 30 days of juicing until dinner, I came out of that really appreciating my appetite and only eating when I felt hungry.
  • I followed this with a 30 day candida cleanse, cutting out ALL sugar from my diet, even fruits and took Candigone cleanse supplement to assist at bringing my digestive health back into balance. This cleanse worked wonders on my sugar cravings I was dealing with and I now eat lower sugar fruits like berries and they taste so deliciously sweet to me that I don’t crave anything else.
  • I also did the 30 day method by Tracey Anderson challenge at the same time as my no sugar cleanse, which was fantastic at getting me into working out again daily and now I can’t get enough of starting my days with some sweaty exercise!

My energy feels really good, my digestion feels good and my fitness is great, so my next challenge is to Up the Green’s in my life and do daily meditation.

So starting from tomorrow which is Monday, always a good day in my mind to start anything.. a good old Monday morning ūüėČ

I will be doing a 3 day Green Juice cleanse, Low GI juice’s, No fruits, just Green salad and Veg and super foods!

I will be starting my morning with meditation each day, at least 10 minutes a day.

I will also be getting my greens in! With at least one large salad a day, green veg with dinner and starting the day with a green juice!

On Thursday the 20th Sept, it will be my 31st Birthday, and I want to welcome in a new birth year with some great self-love habits.. oooo eee exciting I love birthdays!!!

It’s also great to blog my progress and hold my self accountable ūüėČ

Here are a few lovely quotes I found lately:

and something that made me laugh! As this is sooo me, I love taking pictures of my food. Instagram is the new Facebook!

Have a great day and Let me know if you have any goals you would like to reach in your health and happiness  that I can work with you on?


  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight ¬†loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at¬†juice

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