Tomato & Beetroot Gazpacho

Autumn Cleansing:

I have been resting my digestion over the last 3 days as my intention is to cleanse my body a little more as we move into the new season after my 3 day juice cleanse.

A liquid dinner is a great cleanse, and lets your digestion rest much more over night without the usual digestion time on solid foods. Instead your body can get to work , cleansing and rejuvenating you as you sleep. Usually you’ll wake feeling much more alert and lively when you eat less before you go to bed, especially if it loaded with nutrients

You could try it for just a week and see, making sure you eat by 7:30, and trying a juice, smoothie or soup for your last meal of the day.

Here is a savoury juice recipe I made the other day, which was surprisingly more tasty than I thought it would be!

Tomato & Beetroot Gazpacho

  • 4 tomatoes
  • half a beetroot
  • 2 spring onions
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1/2 – 1 cucumber
  • 3 sticks of celery
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 sweet red pepper
  • handful of kale
  • handful of parsley

Blend all ingredients together, and then sieve through a nut milk bag so your left just with the liquid and no pulp.

Season with cayenne pepper and Drink ūüôā

This is not only tasty, but amazingly good for you too! Your skin will be glowing, your immune system boosted and your digestion nicely rested!

Enjoy x

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Day 2 -3 of My Juice Cleanse

Day 2

This was a great day for experimenting with Juice combinations and using whatever I had left in the fridge!

I’m happy to say each one turned out delicious ūüôā

Carrot Cleanse: 

  • Carrot x 2
  • Tomato x 3
  • Spring Onion x1
  • Garlic clove x 1
  • Celery x 2 stalks
  • Cabbage leaves x 3
  • Cucumber x 1

This Juice was a savoury yummy lunch for me, and with the added garlic and onion tastes like a veggie soup/broth.

Vitality Juice:

  • Beetroot x 1
  • kale x 1 Bunch
  • Sweet Red pepper x 1
  • Fennel x 1/4
  • Ginger x 1″
  • Cucumber x 1

This tasted a lot sweeter than I thought it would, I really enjoyed the Beetroot and red pepper together, and felt really energised afterwards.

Apple Crumble:

  • Apples x 2
  • Rhubarb x 1 Stalk
  • Lemon x 1
  • Cucumber x 1

I LOVED this Juice, I love Apple and Rhubarb Crumble and this juice totally reminded me of it. The Lemon adds an extra sour kick to the sweetness of the apples. A perfectly sweet and sour juice.

I followed these Juices with an Herbal Tea, Ginger, Fennel and Orange.

I had another hot bath and an Enema again  to assist the cleansing process and to get the best results.

Day two was enjoyable and I only had a few cravings for food, again whilst looking on Instagram!! and occasions when I needed more Juice.

Day 3

I started with my favourite Juice at the moment. Love your Liver Lemon!

 Berry Blood Purifier:

  • Blueberries x 1 Punnet
  • Celery x 5 sticks
  • Cucumber x 1
  • Parsley x 1 large handful

This juice was a welcomed different taste than the usual Lemon and Apple sweetened juices, I love Berries and mixed with the hydrating and alkalising benefits of cucumber and celery this juice was an antioxidant powerhouse!!

Green Lemonade:

  • Kale x 1 large handful
  • Cucumber x 1
  • Celery x 5 sticks
  • lemon x 1
  • Parsley x 1 handful

I love green juice as it always gives me the most energy afterwards and I feel super clean after drinking it and my cells are buzzing with the healing qualities of greens!

I broke my Cleanse in the evening with a yummy Alkalising light salad:

Nori Rolls

Nori Rolls filled with a little avocado, tomato, spring onion and watercress. I also had a few olives. This was light enough to introduce food back in and wake my digestion up in a gentle manner. If I had cleansed for any longer I would have only broken my cleanse with juicy fruits, but I felt my digestion could handle a light salad this time round ūüôā

I’m glad I did this cleanse to welcome in a new season! It’s a great way to refresh, renew and help your body adjust to the new season in a simple yet very beneficial way.

My body feels so hydrated, rested and thankful for some time off from digesting and I’m loving all of the nutrition I had ¬†from all my juices.

I did want to Juice cleanse for longer this time around but because of commitments this coming weekend I could only do a 3 day cleanse, so¬†I’m hoping to do a 7-10 day green juice cleanse in the near future !!

Happy Juicing ūüôā


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Day 1- 2 of My Juice Cleanse

I’m through day one! Which to me is always the most challenging.. especially when you go on Instagram and see all the yummy pictures of healthy whole foods ūüėČ I had to break my Instagram habit for one day, today it’s okay I can handle it!

So Day one I woke up really hungry which usually doesn’t happen to me! ¬†So typical for the day I start my ¬†3 day Juice Cleanse. I was thinking about the yummy Chia porridge I usually have and getting all excited and then I remember! No it’s Juice Cleanse time.. so yes ¬†the first day definitely was a test of will, but it’s always worth it.

I started my day with a large glass of filtered water, then a 40 minute cycle delivering my juices around Milton Keynes, followed by a rebounding session to get my lymphatic system moving!

My first Juice was a Love your Liver Lemon, YUM! I love this Juice and the garlic in it, makes my immune system feel strong.

This Juice filled me up and gave me enough energy to carry on till around 12 were I made 2 more juices!

Blueberries and Cucumber which I drank straight away, then popped out to town to run some errands, I also enjoyed a coconut water in town which hydrated me even more! I love how hydrated you feel on a Juice Cleanse, I can feel my skin is softer already!!

I saved my green juice for when I got back, which consisted of Kale, Romaine, Lemon and Ginger!

My body started to feel a little tired in the afternoon, and I could feel that the detoxing had begun, and it had started to get to work cleaning house. I decided to have an Enema to help any toxins move through and then had a hot essential Neals Yard oil bath.

These little things are essential to me for a beneficial cleanse, to take the time to listen to my body, be kind, gentle and make the most of the stillness that your body may crave. With most cleanses you will feel the urge to turn inward, reflect on things, meditate, be still, read books… In this busy world, I really cherish these times whilst cleansing and to take time for me! ¬†This is so beneficial to a total mind and body cleanse.

I finished the day with a meditation which I found on You tube! i have to share it, it was amazing, and left me feeling so blissed out, I fell asleep by 9:30pm!

I awoke feeling great! and I’m now on Day 2! I can feel my energy flowing, I’m feeling more balanced and much more creative too. I have quite a few tasks to do today, I’m grateful for the extra energy a Juice Cleanse give me.

I can’t wait for the benefits of 3 days and Birthday celebrations to look forward to!

Happy Juice Cleansing!!! ‚̧


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Another 30 day Challenge – Reaching your Goals!

It’s that time! Time for another personal challenge. I love giving myself challenge’s, for me it’s a great way of bringing healthier habits into my life for the LONGTERM!

For me healthy eating is a lifestyle not a Yoyo diet or restriction diet of thinking about what I can’t have. I have come to where I am today through challenging myself and working at a pace which is right for me.

30 day Challenge’s work well for me, they do say after 21 days you have built a habit, or you can break a habit that doesn’t serve you..

Sometimes there is so much we want to do, but if we try it all at once we feel overwhelmed, stressed and our intentions don’t usually last and we give in much sooner. That’s why I like to set myself 30 days and focus on a few things and bring them in that way. It’s also a good experiment to see if it works for you and your particular unique body. We are not the same folks, we need to be our own guru’s.

The 30 days Challenge’s I have done so far this year:

  • I recently did the Rose Cleanse which was 30 days of juicing until dinner, I came out of that really appreciating my appetite and only eating when I felt hungry.
  • I followed this with a 30 day candida cleanse, cutting out ALL sugar from my diet, even fruits and took Candigone cleanse supplement to assist at bringing my digestive health back into balance. This cleanse worked wonders on my sugar cravings I was dealing with and I now eat lower sugar fruits like berries and they taste so deliciously sweet to me that I don’t crave anything else.
  • I also did the 30 day method by Tracey Anderson challenge at the same time as my no sugar cleanse, which was fantastic at getting me into working out again daily and now I can’t get enough of starting my days with some sweaty exercise!

My energy feels really good, my digestion feels good and my fitness is great, so my next challenge is to Up the Green’s in my life and do daily meditation.

So starting from tomorrow which is Monday, always a good day in my mind to start anything.. a good old Monday morning ūüėČ

I will be doing a 3 day Green Juice cleanse, Low GI juice’s, No fruits, just Green salad and Veg and super foods!

I will be starting my morning with meditation each day, at least 10 minutes a day.

I will also be getting my greens in! With at least one large salad a day, green veg with dinner and starting the day with a green juice!

On Thursday the 20th Sept, it will be my 31st Birthday, and I want to welcome in a new birth year with some great self-love habits.. oooo eee exciting I love birthdays!!!

It’s also great to blog my progress and hold my self accountable ūüėČ

Here are a few lovely quotes I found lately:

and something that made me laugh! As this is sooo me, I love taking pictures of my food. Instagram is the new Facebook!

Have a great day and Let me know if you have any goals you would like to reach in your health and happiness  that I can work with you on?


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Love your Liver Lemon Juice

Okay so these ingredients may sound a little scary to you.. but I promise they are not only beneficial to the liver and giving it a little flush, cleanse and gentle detox, they also taste surprisingly tasty mixed together!!

Don’t just take my word for it. give it a go ūüėČ

So what you’ll need :

  • 1/3 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2-3 tbsp of olive oil
  • 2 cups of freshly pressed apple juice
  • 1 large clove of garlic
  • 1 large knob of ginger

Blend all the ingredients in a blender till smooth and frothy, and Bottoms up!  I like to drink mine through a straw.

The liver needs some extra love time to time, and I like to give mine a helping hand when ever I can.¬†I mean it’s such a busy bee, the Liver is our superhero it deserves some help!

Cleansing your liver can help with skin and digestive problems and boost your energy too.

It’s the largest organ inside the body, and is busy performing over 400 functions a day to help keep our bodies healthy, ¬†located on your right side, to the right of the stomach, behind the lower ribs and below the lungs. You may want to give your liver a loving rub to thank it for looking after you so well ūüôā

The livers major jobs include:

  • Breaking down everything we eat and drink into different chemicals before it can get to work on helping your body – (converting food into nutrients the body can use (for example, the liver produces bile¬†to help break down fats)
  • Makes protein and stores glucose, vitamin B12 and iron, helps get nutrients to your body by processing all foods,carbohydrates, protein and fat,into glucose that can be used throughout your body. (storing fats, sugars, iron, and vitamins for later use by the body)
  • Detoxing the body, helping our bodes filter the toxins we take in from food, water and air – (removing or chemically changing drugs, alcohol, and other substances that may be harmful or toxic to the body)

Milk Thistle is a great herb for helping the Liver, and also Tumeric. I try to add Tumeric to most of my food when I’m doing a liver cleanse and take Milk Thistle twice a day.

One of my favourite ways of getting Tumeric into my diet is in my  Lemon Tea!

Other things you can do to hold your livers hand, is avoiding or cutting down on:

  • Red meat
  • Fried Foods
  • Processed Foods
  • Sugar
Liver Cleansers:
Milk thistle: Contains an antioxidant that acts as a toxin blocker. Capsules can be taken daily for an extended period to repair the liver.

Black walnuts: Help to eliminate toxins. Finney says it can be taken in powder or capsule form, for 30 days, after which you should give it a rest.

Lemons: Cleanse not only the liver, but also the gallbladder, kidneys, digestive tract and lungs.

Garlic: Helps strengthen and cleanse the blood, while giving the liver and kidneys a spring clean.

Dandelion tea: Dandelion has been used for centuries. It is a blood purifier and antioxidant and is recommended for those with liver complaints.

Beetroot juice: Contains a chemical called betaine that stimulates the liver cells and protects the liver and bile ducts.

Carrots: High in beta-carotene, they help regulate blood sugar levels, while reducing inflammation in the body and a good energy food.

Get plenty of sleep: Also have infrared saunas, indulge in lymphatic massages and drink lots of filtered water.

Oops nearly forgot to mention, I suggest chewing on a some parsley and giving your teeth a good brush after this drink as the garlic aftermath is quite strong and certainly will keep those vampires away !! But I assure you well worth it ūüėČ

Enjoy xxx


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Chia Chocolate Berry Pudding and a Blackberry Smoothie!

I have discovered ¬†2 new recipe’s which are great for breakfast, post workout or for a sweet treat!

Again It’s simple to make, I like to have fast quick recipes so it’s easy to stay on a healthy lifestyle if I am on the go.

It’s the end of summer and one reason I love this time is because of the wild blackberries that are ready to pick now, and for the next month or so, I LOVE berries, especially as they are lowest sugar fruits and full of anti oxidants, great for skin health!

I’ve been enjoying them for the last couple of days for breakfast, and I enjoyed a smoothie and then turned it into a pudding the next day for some variety.

All you need is:

  • 1/2 cup of almonds
  • 1 cup of filtered water
  • 1/2 cup of black berries
  • 1 dropperful of Stevia
  • 1 tbsp Raw Cacao Powder

Blend together for a delicious Smoothie!!

Or Add for a Pudding :

  • 1/4 cup of chia seeds

To the mixture and stir, wait 10 minutes for the chia to absorb some of the smoothie mix and you will then have a Delicious Pudding!!

Just a few reasons I eat Chia seeds!!

  • A great source of Protein,
  • Full of good fats such as Omega 3 and 6.
  • Help keep your body hydrated, by absorbing 10 x their weight in water.
  • Help to keep blood sugar levels balanced



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Cool & Calming Coconut Bars

These are my new favourite sweet treat/snack! I’ve been playing around with Coconut and Cacao butter for a while now, and these are definitely my favourite creation so far , better than that they are sugar free, and totally healthy, I can’t get enough ūüėČ

They require no oven, just a blender and a freezer/fridge, sooooo easy to make and kids will love making these with you!

All you need is :

  • 2 cups of coconut flakes
  • 1 cup of melted cacao butter
  • 2-3 dropperfuls of stevia (nu naturals is my favourite) you can use a healthy sweetener of choice, raw honey, coconut palm sugar etc..
  • 3 tbsp of Coconut Oil or Coconut Manna (I used Manna for a creamier consistency than the oil)
  • 1 tsp of Ashwagandha ( optional, but so beneficial)

Pour the melted cacao butter into a blender/food processor. Add in the Coconut flakes, the stevia and the Coconut Manna. Mix until well combined.

Press into a square tupper wear box or anything rectangle of square-shaped. I used 2 tupper ware tubs approx 5 by 4 inches.

Put into the freezer for 30 mins or the fridge for an hour or more until the mixture has set. Then cut into squares and serve.

These will keep in the fridge for 3-4 days… if they last that long ūüėČ

All you’d need to do to turn these into health bounty bars is cover in raw chocolate and set again in the fridge! Yes I will be trying this out very soon, so watch this space.

The reason these treats are so good is not just that they are super duper natural and good for you but also from the benefits you get from the addition of Ashwagandha! This is an Ayurvedic herb, an adaptogen and it is safe for children too. One of my favourite herbs, I feel it would benefit every one, and who doesn’t need a help with stress levels these days…

Ashwagandha is great for the immune system, the reason it is an adaptogen is if the body needs strengthening , it will provide the body with more energy, but if the body needs calming, if the nervous system is suffering this herb can calm you and helps the body handle stress much more efficiently.

I love this herb and always notice a difference when I take it, I feel more energetic but at the same time a sense of peace and calm like after meditation.


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