Wise Wednesdays

I love positive affirmations, meditation and positive quotes and I feel that these have a massive impact on the day we have or will have. The thoughts we have shape our future and our reality.

I like to start my day reading something positive and I love Louise Hayes 365 power message’s book which I keep by my bed and read one each morning and one before I go to sleep. It really shifts my thinking and makes me see all the lovely beautiful things in my life I already have and it’s gratitude for life that makes me feel the happiest!

I wanted to start a regular post for Wednesday’s where I post some motivational, present moment quotes to help raise people’s energy and spread positive vibes.

So here is my first Wise Wednesday for you ūüôā Enjoy!

Some may resonate with you some may not, but try to take one and focus on what works for you ūüôā

Have a Beautiful Day ! xx ‚̧ xx


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