Day 25 & 26 – The Rose Cleanse – Date Night

The Rose cleanse has been going well as usual now, and I thoroughly enjoy juicing until dinner now! I can’t see it changing after the 30 days is up really. I definitely feel best on juice and liquids most of the day.

Friday was Date night ! We went to a Thai restaurant. I managed to eat fairly cleanly, I made sure it was food combined, no creamy sauces, simple stir friend veg and some seafood. Felt good afterwards! Digestion is always good now and feels like it is working well.

I even enjoyed some amazing dark chocolate afterwards too for dessert! One was with Raspberries and the other was ginger and orange!

The weekend was perfect,  some lovely walks along the canal, all the babies were out, baby ducks and swans 🙂

Alex made friends with a beautiful Horse!

We played some crazy golf and enjoyed a bike ride, here is Alex in the stocks at the crazy golf !

The food I enjoyed over the weekend, well my dinner’s after 5pm were:

Saturday – Cauliflower Pizza !  One of our favourites now!

Sunday – We enjoyed some Tuna, Vegetables and roasted Onion Squash.

Followed by some Raw Ice cream, Vanilla Bean and Chunky Chocolate!

Alex treated me too! This is the one time I have had anything nut based in over a month so I was curious to know how I’d feel after wards.

I did feel a little heavy, but it was a nice treat! and I’m certainly never going back to eating handfuls of nuts!

Friday night there was a beautiful sunset over Milton Keynes.

I decided for last 3 days of the rose cleanse I will be doing a 3 day Green Juice Cleanse instead!

This is to have 3 days of no sugar what so ever, no dark chocolate, a lot of green alkaline juices, lots of colon cleansing and just moving the cleansing to a deeper level.

I really feel like my digestion is in much better balance than before I started, the candex has done wonder’s. My rash has totally gone! The suspicious Yeastie rash, and this confirms it!

So I am really happy that I did this cleanse. I haven’t been perfect, I’ve probably eaten lunch about 5 times in 30 days because of various commitments, but I feel juicing until dinner for a long period of time has really got me on a great track and I’m excited to see where it leads me next!

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2 thoughts on “Day 25 & 26 – The Rose Cleanse – Date Night

  1. Rande McDaniel says:

    I love reading about all your cleanses! I feel like people must look at my blog like I’m crazy sometimes, always switching it up, doing this cleanse or that…but it’s fun for me! It’s kind of a hobby these days and it always keeps me aware of how my body feels and allows my foodie side to stay super creative 🙂

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