Amazing Herbal Tonic Tea’s

I have been feeling fab lately! I credit that to completing the 30 day rose cleanse, concentrating on juicing and low GI foods and also I credit the herbs I have been taking for the last 2 weeks.

I have taken these once before, and forgot how great they make me feel!

I love Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, I believe they have a lot to offer and it’s great to see them becoming much more popular in the last year or so..

The ones I personally take are by Shaman Shack. I got mine from the lovely Mike Nash who has a great website in the UK and a great selection of the Shaman Shack Products.

I have been taking Rhodiola, which is great for busy, active minds, I find it really helps me with concentration and helps my creativeness flow easily.  It’s an adaptogen, it will give you energy if you require more energy and it will calm you when you need to relax. It also oxygenates the blood, helping more oxygenated blood reach the brain, hence helping with busy and active minds.

I also take 3 Immortals, which is a blend of Shilajit, Ormus and Reishi. I love this stuff!! Reishi makes me feel happy, calm and stronger in mind and spirit. Shiliajit is so nutrient dense, my body loves it, I can feel my immune system is so much stronger and my endurance when working out. The Ormus helps the body get extra absorption from the Reishi and Shilajit, it is a an amazing substance and I find it works on many different levels with the body. Especially on a spiritual level with meditation.

I like to add mine to Hot water and make a herbal tonic tea, I drink this most morning’s and evening’s.

Herbal Tonic Tea:

  • 1/2 tsp of Rhodiola
  • 1/2 tsp of 3 Immortals
  • 1/2 tsp of 4 Eternals

Stir in Hot water, add a few drops of Stevia. Fresh Nut Mylk is optional.

It has a very earthy taste and I find it very grouding, It reminds me of Coffee in a way. You could  add a Nut Mylk for a very satisfying hot drink.


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Lemon Spice Tea

I love my Herbal Tea’s, Lately I have enjoyed making my own instead of buying teabags.

One of my favourites is my Lemon Spice Tea:

I juice a Lemon, add Hot Water, Stir in either Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper or Tumeric and add a few drops of Stevia to sweeten.

Sometimes I add Chopped Ginger.

It’s perfect start to my day!

Lemon is highly alkalising, and a great liver cleanser! I add lemon to most of my water for extra hydration and alkalinity.


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Berrie Breakfast Bowl

I can’t get enough of my berries at the moment, they are now in season and the perfect food on a hot english summers day. I love them. Especially when I get to pick my own.

I have been making Strawberry smoothies, Strawberry ice-cream and my favourite Berry Breakfast!

I added the following to a Bowl

  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Cashews (soaked pref)
  • Hazelnuts (soaked pref)
  • Chopped Date
  • Raisins
  • Pecans (soaked pref)

Topped with Freshly made Almond Mylk.

I sometimes also add half a teaspoon of Acai Powder. (amazing antioxidant, great for skin protection and getting the glow)

I have this if I have a busy day ahead, this keeps me going into the afternoon.

I love my superfood breakfast’s, they are great transitional food if you are breaking away from sugary cereals and toast in the mornings.


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Wise Wednesdays

I love positive affirmations, meditation and positive quotes and I feel that these have a massive impact on the day we have or will have. The thoughts we have shape our future and our reality.

I like to start my day reading something positive and I love Louise Hayes 365 power message’s book which I keep by my bed and read one each morning and one before I go to sleep. It really shifts my thinking and makes me see all the lovely beautiful things in my life I already have and it’s gratitude for life that makes me feel the happiest!

I wanted to start a regular post for Wednesday’s where I post some motivational, present moment quotes to help raise people’s energy and spread positive vibes.

So here is my first Wise Wednesday for you 🙂 Enjoy!

Some may resonate with you some may not, but try to take one and focus on what works for you 🙂

Have a Beautiful Day ! xx ❤ xx


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Launch of Lunch Box Detox

I have launched my Lunch Box Detox in the last few weeks, it is part of Juice Rehab and offers people the choice of having Healthy Raw foods delivered to their home or work.

I am loving it and getting great feedback, it’s great to see people enjoying Raw foods and seeing that raw food can be tasty, delicious and fun!

To share what I have been creating, here are some pic’s :

♥ Lunch Box Detox ♥ Today’s Radiance Package.
Smooth Strawberry Shake, Cool Mint Boost Juice, Rustic Pasta, Beetroot Ravioli and Cinnamon Caramel Chocolates.

♥ Lunch Box Detox ♥ Today’s Revitalize Package.
Cantaloupe Smoothie, Cinnamon Caramel Shake, Italian Roll Salad, Beetroot Ravioli and Kale Crisps.

♥ Lunchbox Detox ♥ Revitalize Menu Plan : Watermelon Juice, Smooth Strawberry Shake, Summer Soup, Pasta Alfredo and Apple Berry salad.

♥ Lunch Box Detox ♥ Today’s Revitalize Package. Alive & Kicking Juice, Chilled Gazpacho Soup, Cannelloni Bites, Rainbow Salad and a Cinnamon Shake.

♥ Lunch Box Detox ♥ Today’s Revitalize Package. Yoga Green Juice, Cheesey Kale Crisps, Beetroot Ravioli, Rustic Pasta and a Bunny Shake.

Fresh Watermelon Smoothie, perfect for these summer days!

Beetroot Ravioli

Superfood Breakfast’s for delivery. Freshly made Almond Milk and superfoods make a delicious healthy start to your day!

Rustic Pasta.

Fresh Shakes

Fresh Green Juice!

All freshly made and delivered to your home or work. Monday to Friday.

If you’d like any more information on the Lunch Box Detox you can contact me at :

or visit our Facebook page:

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Soft Serve Creamy Strawberry Ice cream

I’m sorry I haven’t posted for so long. I’ve been super busy with Juice Rehab & the Lunch Box detox’s have been really popular 🙂

My last post was day 2 of my  green juice cleanse I did after completing the rose cleanse, it went well, I did 3 days and it was a great boost. My immune system, energy levels and whole wellbeing has been much better since the cleanse. I definitely shifted some toxins and old waste and feel much healthier for it 🙂

I have a great recipe for you today, and it’s so simple and perfect for hot sunny days like today!

Finally we have some sun here in the UK. It’s been in the high 20’s all week and I have been naturally been drawn to more hydrating, light foods. Fruits have been keeping me hydrated, like watermelon, strawberries, berries, pineapple. I personally usually try to keep my sugar intake quite low even with fruits for a balanced & healthy gut health, but this hotter weather has me craving nothing but fruits and I feel good for it.

I made this delicious ice-cream, which is dairy free and sugar-free!

All you need is

  • Strawberries
  • Banana (frozen)
  • Almonds
  • Dates
  • Sea salt
  • Filtered Water
  • Blender

Firstly make the Almond milk, I blend a handful of Almonds with a few cups of water and add a pinch of sea salt and some dates. Blend till smooth and then sieve through a nut milk bag to take out the pulp.

Then Blend the almond milk, strawberries and frozen banana together. Add amounts for your taste.

You can either serve and eat straight away, especially if you’ve used frozen banana’s as it will already have a ice-cream texture and be cold.

Or you can freeze it and make ice lollies, great for kids as no nasties or additives and they are naturally sweet!! and of course adults love them too 😉 I do!


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Day 2 – Green Juice Cleanse

Day 2!

Feeling good, not very hungry and enjoying the no sugar in my juices just pure greenness!

I have definitely felt a shift over the last 30 days taking out fruits and any sugars except natural sugars from root vegetables. My body feels more in balance, so as I said in my last post I decided to enjoy the last 3 days on just green juice and no sugar from my dark chocolate and also a break from Cacao itself.

I always love a juice cleanse as I find it very reprogramming and great at shifting those last cravings hanging around!

Yesterday my first day on just juice was really easy, I was not hungry at all, and since juicing till dinner for the last 30 days, I hardly want anything in the day. I don’t even want juice until midday now.

I had lots of water, my sugar-free master cleanse drink which I love!

Lemon, Aloe, Stevia,Filtered Water & Cayenne Pepper.  This really keeps me going forever! I love it.

I had a litre of that until 7pm where I enjoyed another litre of Green Juice.

I always find that because of the change in energy in my body on the first few days of juicing only that it takes me a while to fall asleep. I slept really well once asleep and woke feeling good.

Today I enjoyed another Lemon Juice at around midday again,

Lots of herbal tea in between, and then at 4pm I made a savoury juice!

  • Carrot x 1
  • Tomatoes x 6
  • half a romaine
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • parsley
  • spring onion
  • little filtered water
  • cayenne pepper

It was really nice and very satisfying when I wanted something less sweet and more savoury and spicy!

I think this may be the easiest cleanse I’ve done… I believe the 30 days of juicing till dinner has got me to this point.

I even managed to make Chocolate and Kale Crisps for my customers and not get tempted!!

Now that’s definitely a sign my body is loving this Juice cleanse and was ready for it 🙂

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