Day 21 – The Rose Cleanse, Chocolate Coco Soup!

I had some heavy detox symptoms today, the usual horrible migraine headache I get when my body has stirred up lots of toxins and my body is doing it’s best to remove them all! This can sometimes be uncomfortable and I had an enema to try to take off the edge of the symptoms. It did help, but my headache stuck around for the day so I took this message from my body and took it easy!

I had lots of liquids!

This yummy Cinnamon Tea by Higher Living, with some Stevia.

A Large Carrot and Romaine Juice with Vanilla Stevia !

And a Cucumber, Celery, Mint, Spinach Juice with Stevia.

Towards the end of the day I felt better and my appetite came back which is a good sign my body had dealt with the majority of the toxins and whatever deep cleansing had been taking place…

When the body is busy cleansing, you can lose your appetite as the body wants to use the energy it would have used for digestion, to use solely on cleansing the body. Always listen to you body, it knows best!!

For my evening meal I had some buckwheat and sweet potato noodles, with tomato, courgette, onion marinara sauce. Sides of sweet potato fries with cayenne pepper and salt and some Sweet battered Zucchini Sticks another great recipe from The Vegetable Centric Kitchen!!

I enjoyed my salad first with some carrot sticks and dijon mustard and then the cooked food followed. This is important, to start with the raw salad first to help digest the cooked food and make digestion as smooth as possible.

For Dessert I played with 2 of my favourite ingredients! Coconut and Chocolate !

I came up with a Chocolate dish with the consistency of yoghurt. It was delicious and did the trick for my sweet craving.

I called it Chocolate Coco Soup :

I melted Cacao butter, added some Cacao powder and Stevia to sweeten. Then mixed this mixture with some coconut milk.

You can eat it warm or cool it in the fridge. I did both 😉

Oh yes, I have to share a picture of my first home-grown radish!! I was very excited to see this little baby radish appear, the others are growing really well, and I can’t wait to prepare a lovely salad with them soon.


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