Day 19 – 20 The Rose Cleanse – Stuffed Mushies and Chocolate Crunch Balls

My Cleanse went well this weekend,

I enjoyed bike rides, and lots of  Beetroot Juice!

The Liver loves Beetroot Juice! It’s a powerful cleanser, especially combined with colon cleansing too.

My Dinner on Saturday:

Stuffed Mushies! Poached egg and asparagus,

and a watercress, spinach and rocket salad with Radish, onion and dijon mustard & Apple cider vinegar!

The Stuffed Mushrooms were easy peasy to make and delicious.

Mini Portabello Mushrooms, with tomato marinara sauce, topped with goats cheese, popped in the oven for 25mins on 175C

I made some Chocolate Crunch Balls for Alex, they weren’t Rose cleanse friendly as they contain Nuts and dried fruit together, so I had a little dark chocolate for my dessert.

Chocolate Crunch Balls: ( Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free, Dairy Free )

Almonds, Cacao Powder, Blend together to make fine flour, add dates to make a dough.

Roll into Balls.

Melt Cacao Butter, add Cacao Powder and Agave syrup to taste, Coat Crunch Balls and set in fridge!

10 days to go on the Rose Cleanse, and totally in the flow now of juicing until dinner!


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