Day 18 – The Rose Cleanse – Aloe Vera, Juice & Cake Making

I love juicing at weekend’s! It free’s up so much time to do more of the stuff you want to! Which is what you want at the weekend as it tends to fly by!

I made some Cakes in the Skinny Mini kitchen for  customer order’s.

I also made an extra cake for my housemates and friends to sample over the weekend!

I enjoyed the following Juices:

Carrot, Romaine, Stevia and Cacao powder!  Yes Carrots and chocolate taste great together too ;0)

It’s a great way to get your greens in! This Juice had a whole head of Romaine, and mixed with the carrots is sweetly delicious.

I also enjoyed another Red Velvet Juice! Beetroot, carrot, Vanilla Stevia ,Spinach and cacao powder!

Yes I have totally indulged in Cacao in my juices lately, I’ll make sure I balance it out with my Green juices! It won’t be an everyday occurrence for me as I am a little sensitive to caffeine, or a lot sensitive to caffeine! I have to be careful with me and chocolate , especially for my adrenal health. It cools all under control 🙂

I have been taking Aloe for the last 3 days!

I got mine from Pukka Herbs, I really like the ethics of this company and how they source their herbs, all organic too! This Aloe is great as it has no added sweeteners or any other preservatives, which some “fresh” bottled Aloe Vera’s contain! Check the labels.

Aloe Vera is great for the skin as it contains MSM, it is also great for digestion and cleaning the bowel’s! Yes a lovely natural way to get things moving, which is great when you are juicing and want to help the toxins “waste” leave easily.

It is also a way of getting some B12 in your diet, if you don’t eat any animal products.. I do eat Fish and Goats cheese, but getting additional B12 is great as even meat eaters can be deficient in B12!

It also helps boost the immune system, it stimulates the white blood cells that fight virus’s.

It reduces inflammation and is high in the amino sugars needed by the body for cell regeneration.

So it’s a very beneficial plant to add to your lifestyle!

I will let you know how I get on with it and the benefits I feel in the coming week 🙂


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