Beyond Food

Day 15 of The Rose Cleanse!!

This is the longest cleanse I’ve done since my 30 day juice feast back in 2010! With any long cleanse you get to learn a whole lot about yourself in a very deep way I find. Not always easy, but sooo beneficial in the long run.

Without the comfort of food, without the heaviness of food, without the numbingness of food, your emotions have nowhere to hide.

Especially when drinking just juice until dinner, you tend to “feel” a hell of a lot more.

Now this can be hard, but it’s certainly not a bad thing, it may seem it at the time, but once you have actually dealt with an emotion instead of stuffing it down with another meal, and I’m not just talking about unhealthy foods, even healthy ones we can still use in emotional eating ways!

A cleanse gives you time to learn the tools to make your life much more meaningful, one that serves you better, you learn how to not rely on food as your pleasure and turn to other things, people, hobbies, nature, beauty, meditation, exercise ! Living life as your pleasure.

For me this is the most valuable and hardest lesson! I have been eating healthy foods for years, but I was more than aware that I still had an unhealthy relationship to food sometimes, when angry, sad, happy, I used to eat or not eat.. it has been something I am always working on, as I feel that we should be free of food controlling us in any way.

It’s very common, most people do eat for emotional reasons, and not when hungry, and for the next step in health it is important we do not over eat, or not eat when we are not truly hungry as this will put added stress on our body, and I believe deplete our energy source! Which is what we all want, more energy, so we can do more things, and more energy makes us feel better all round.

As I sit here after my second juice of the day,  lunchtime juice, I think I’m still hungry.. then I stop and work on that bad habit I have been socially brought up with! With every cleanse I am reprogramming myself.

I feel that my body is not truly hungry, it just wants to be stimulated,  and it feels so empowering once you actually get into a habit of replacing that food craving – “need”  the  hole that needs to be filled, and nourish yourself in other ways.

Here are a few of my favourites that I have come to more and more use since I started the cleanse:

Hot baths, Taking photos, looking at pinterest, writing, yoga, running, walking outside, deep breathing, phone a friend/family, sing, play music, dance, read, Aromatherapy, Face masks!

It occurs to me that when we are “hungry” we are not always hungry for food, but mostly hungry for Life!

This Cleanse and any cleanse will make you more aware of what nourishes you, what excites you, what feed’s your soul, mind and body and what makes you feel like your actually living..?!

What are your thoughts?  What do you do to nourish you ?


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2 thoughts on “Beyond Food

  1. Rande McDaniel says:

    I have had all of these thoughts, it’s amazing to realize how much we use food to numb, stimulate or distract us! My list of nourishing things looks a lot like yours: yoga, reading, pinterest, blogging, colon cleansing, hot baths, journaling, good movies, singing, hiking, and hanging out with people I love.

  2. thejuicelady says:

    It does amaze me how much we use food! A cleanse really heighten’s this for me! This Cleanse is a good journey for me, very awakening 😉 I like that our lists are so similar 🙂

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