Sweet Eats! The Rose Cleanse

I have been experimenting with lots of different recipes over the last 4 days! Mainly sweet ones, as this Candex really got my yeasties clinging on for dear life… so I have been satisfying this urge with stevia sweetened, a little dark chocolate here and there, and food combined, grain free recipes.

I am in love with Rande’s 31 days of sugar free desserts ebook! Amazing for satisfying my sweet tooth in a detox 4 women friendly way. all so yummy and creative. I’m really getting the hang of this stevia business ūüôā

Here are my favourites!

Carrot and Cinnamon Fritatta, I melted Dark Chocolate on top too!

and oh my a revelation !!! Flourless Red Velvet pancakes ! Why have I never experience beetroot and chocolate together before..??

Soo good.

These pancakes are also Rose cleanse friendly :

Words can not describe how much I loved these!! Time they lasted on my plate can!

Anything with cinnamon is a must for me, LOVE.

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