Day 10 -14 The Rose Cleanse

Day 14 – Head shot:

I had been fully intending to post every day whilst on my 30 day cleanse, but i seem to be fighting with time at the moment! There just isn’t enough of it at the moment.. lol

This post is a catch up of my weekend visiting family and keeping to my cleanse! Juicing till dinner isn’t really that hard, some days are easier than others, depending on how active I am, the busier I am, the less I want nourishment from food and get it from life instead. If I am bored.. or not filling my time with nourishing things I crave food, but it’s great that I can tell the difference between trying to fill a hole and actually being hungry! This cleanse is definitely bringing that up for me and I’m working through it. Transformational times 🙂

I had a great weekend with my family, a lovely fathers day and my sister is going travelling for a couple of months so we had a weekend of spending quality time together and it was great. My little Niece is growing so fast, and I love her chubby self. She is just the cutest little baby I have ever seen, I know I am biased… but take a look for yourself! Little chubby cheeks 🙂 If I wasn’t on a cleanse I could just eat her up 😉

Talking of nourishing yourself  without food, One of my favourite things when I feel the cravings calling is to take lovely walks, fresh air combined with the beautiful countryside, is great at taking me out of my  mind and cravings and into my body, connecting with life! I love  looking for picture perfect shots as I have recently fallen in love with photography. I’m filling that food hole with new creativity!

Here are some shots from my weekend back in my home town, Wokingham Berkshire.

The village I grew up in :

I used to go to this church, now someone lives in it. Really cute!

My next post will be all about what Food I nourished myself with over the last 4 – 5 days!


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