Day 10 -14 – The Rose Cleanse

This is Chloe, she is the family dog! She only has one eye, and half a body of fur, (we call her pinky, and apply her sunscreen every summer) she is the luckiest dog ever ,after falling into a scalding hot bath as a puppy and suffering terrible burns. She is the loveliest, most laid back dog I know and we love her lots!!

We took her for lots of walks over the weekend at home! The weather was perfect, not too hot or cold and bright!

I mananged to fit in all my juices over the weekend: Lots of Green! ūüôā


I enjoyed a yummy Kabocha squash, which I’ve never had before, I roasted it with cinnamon and cayenne pepper, it was sweet and caramelised, delicious! served with a large avocado salad, with fennel fries and Dijon mustard. YUM.

I also got a gym session in! I did some running, and weights and ab’s, I’m lucky enough to get free personal training from my lovely lady! Here she is doing her stuff:

I then nourished my self with more Baby Time!

It was a perfect family weekend.

Day 14 of cleanse, nearly half way there!


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