Day 8 on The Rose Cleanse – Chocolate Egg Crepe!

Day 8 and time has flown on this cleanse so far. I am getting used to Juicing until Dinner and My appetite in the morning is certainly a lot less than it’s been in a while, my body just seems to crave a lot of water when I wake and then I can wait quite a while until my need for first juice of the day,  Usually around 11am…

Here was today’s Evening meal.

Sweet potato, Goats cheese, tomato marinara, and salad.

I recorded a quick Vlog, so you can see how I’m going in person on the cleanse 😉

Ohh and yes nearly forgot ! Chocolate Egg Crepe! This recipe was in the package for the guided rose cleanse, and it’s a dessert. Never have I had eggs and chocolate together but I must say it was really satisfying as a sweet. I have been craving something sweet after I eat and this was yummy.

I adapted the recipe sightly and added more of the things I love, like Cinnamon! and yes i have found a new love in Stevia on this cleanse, so glad I decided to try the Nu Naturals brand, such a difference to my last one, which wasn’t sweet at all!

The Recipe:

  • 2 Organic Eggs
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp 100% Cocoa Powder
  • 1 oz Dark Chocolate – I used 85% green & Blacks
  • Stevia to taste – 3 drops for me.
  • 1 tbsp Organic Butter
Beat the eggs and add in cinnamon and stevia. Pour into hot pan with melted butter, sprinkle the cacao powder on top of the mixture whilst it cooks, add broken pieces of chocolate into the middle. This will melt and then fold up the Crepe and cut into pieces. Yum. Sugar Free, food combined and easy to digest.
Raw Food Workshops!
I also made a video of whats to offer at The Raw Food Workshops I am now doing. I’m excited to be able to share all the recipes I have come up with over the last 4 years of eating a High Raw diet.

I did a 1-1 Raw Chocolate Lesson today, and It was so much fun, I taught my client how to make Cinnamon Caramel Chocolates, Fruit & Nut Chocolate Slab and some chocolate peanut cups! Lots of tasting was done, and my client had a lovely selection of delicious healthy chocolates to munch on over the next few days… if they last that long 😉


  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight  loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at juice

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