Day 4 – The Rose Cleanse and IIN Conference


I am full of energy and feeling really high on life after an amazing first day at The IIN Conference in London today. Meeting loads of lovely, amazing people all loving Holistic Health and it was just a very empowering day 🙂

So on the Cleanse front I was okay until Lunch, I had a Juice from Wholefoods, They’ve opened a new bigger store in Piccadilly, and oh was I in heaven!

I love that store and all the variety for a health enthusiast like me 😉 I got my morning juice from The “coffee” bar, a Beetroot, Ginger and Carrot. Warming for a chilly morning.

I also bought a Wheatgrass sachet to add to my lemon water to drink throughout out the day and keep my alkalised! I love wheatgrass, its a natural high, and great at getting rid of sugar cravings too. I also got another sachet which I will use for tomorrows water power drink! Amazing Grass Raw Reserve Green Powder. This one has probiotic too, for a healthy, happy tummy 😀

So yes Lunch, well we were given a free lunch at the conference and I didn’t have enough time to find a fresh juice so I opted for lunch, I had a super clean one, so I wasn’t too worried about switching up my cleanse a little for the weekend conference, I had some Fish, Broccoli, green Beans, carrots, raw veggies, salad and Brown Rice (bit naughty as shouldn’t really combine this with the fish, as this makes a slow exit meal) but I seemed to digest it fine and for this one occasion I’ll be okay!

Being In London was nice, I always love to go for the variety and diversity, I prefer to live away from the busy cities but it’s great to visit, The conference was held near westminster, which is a part I don’t usually go to, so I saw the House’s of Parliament and I was reminded how beautiful the buildings are in that area.

Sun is shining in London.. Woohoooo!!!

After the Conference I popped back to Wholefood’s on the way back to Euston station and purchased another Juice for my dinner, I thought that would be the best thing to do since I ate lunch, and to be fair my body wasn’t very hungry just thirsty. I also got some yummy guacamole and carrot sticks, celery and some 70% dark chocolate and ate a few squares on the train on the way home. Perfect end to the day!!!

haha and whilst I killed sometime waiting for my train, I had a little play with the nail varnish’s in Wholefood’s beauty section, some great pastel colour’s toxic free.

Love this colour the most, mostly for the name! Pure of Heart. Awww 🙂

Day 2 of the conference tomorrow and I am sooooo excited as we have 2 guest speakers, both of who I follow on you tube, twitter and blogs and find inspirational. Gabriel Bernstein !!! and Anthony Anderson !!!

I will update you all tomorrow on what they have to say. Here is my Day 4 Vlog for more information.

Good Night Folks. xxx


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