Day 3 – The Rose Cleanse

It’s raining and Pouring Again!! Oh how I love the english summer! On the other hand I am appreciating the rain as my Rocket, spinach and herbs are loving it and growing fast.

Free salad for me 🙂 yay!

I bought these today to bring sunshine into the house whilst I work, I always look at the fresh flowers now when I go shopping, it makes such a difference having them around you.

I woke up feeling a little fragile.. I had energy, wasn’t tired, but didn’t feel myself, drunk a couple of glasses of water and then did an enema, which afterwards made me feel more alive and my appetite for juice returned.

Today’s shopping:

Carrots, Lemons, Beetroot, Fennel and Spinach, watercress and rocket salad! (Mostly to be juiced!)

Haha here is my tick of list! I am a new lover of lists, love the feeling when you tick a day off 🙂 Actually I used to love lists then I kind of fell out of the habit of using them, but lately they are coming back and my life is just so more organised with them.

This keeps me motivated and I can say I am thoroughly enjoying this cleanse 🙂

Here is my Vlog if you want more detail of my day.


oh yes and I am off to The IIN conference this weekend, sooo excited!!! so this will be a challenge to the cleanse 😉


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