Day 2 – The Rose Cleanse

Day 2!! Feeling awesome and really not that hungry!

Started my day with a 30 minute run, it was really refreshing and connecting with nature always makes my day so much better.

My body has not been wanting anything until 2pm, i’m drinking water all morning and then make my juices in the afternoon. I’m also really busy putting things together for my website, which is probably a reason i’m not craving anything to fill me up! Inspiration and passion works as a energy force and keeps me going 🙂

I started with Green Lemonade,

I’m getting all my greens in!!!

I then had a Beetroot and Carrot Juice with Ginger and cayenne pepper, perfect for this rainy cold weather! Plus I love the colour of beetroot juice it always makes me feel happy drinking it.

I juiced 1 beetroot and 6 carrots, an inch of ginger and 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper! Be careful with the cayenne, it’s fiery stuff! If you like hot than go ahead and add more..

My Candex supplement arrived! This will be what i’ll be taking starting from day 6 to cleanse my body of any excess yeast and get my gut flora into balance. I will be taking probiotic’s also, both on an empty stomach, apart from each other though just incase the candex is strong enough to kill of the good guys in the probiotic… rather be safe.

For dinner I made a sweet potato soup and a raw salad, this satisfied me and again was perfect rainy day food.

I was in lullaby land by 10pm, this is another important thing, sleep! My day is of much better quality when I go to sleep by 10pm. I’d rather have a happy productive day than a late night 🙂

Detox Symtoms :

A few pimples, but other than than all good !


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2 thoughts on “Day 2 – The Rose Cleanse

  1. Rande McDaniel says:

    “Inspiration and passion works as a energy force and keeps me going ”

    Loved that bit! I had really great success with Candex, I did a couple rounds of it about a year apart- the first time I had to stop the jar halfway through because I got so nauseous. The second go-round after lots more cleansing, I did really well and felt a good shift from it.

    • thejuicelady says:

      Thanks 🙂 I started it today! So far so good, really looking forward to the results.
      I got my Nu Naturals Stevia, although it is so much sweeter than the stevia I was using, well the one i was using didn’t add any sweetness at all! So i added as much as I would usually with the other one to my green juice and wooooo is it sweet! Think I only need a few drops with the Nu Natural stevia, lesson learnt!! lol

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