The Rose Cleanse – Day 1

Hello! I’m feeling really excited about this cleanse ūüôā As I am always with cleanses, I love the renewed feeling I experience!

I will be doing this for 30 days, and you never know I may just carry on..

If you’re not familiar with Natalia Rose I recommend you check out her books, her look on cleansing is one of my favourites, it’s very balanced and she talks about the dangers of eating too many heavier “health” foods such as nuts, grains, raw vegan concoctions of fat and sugar poorly combined. She also warns people about jumping into deep cleansing too fast and if you can not release the waste you are reawakening you can cause your self some problems along the way, so colon cleansing is highly recommended.

This cleanse is much more varied than some, and allows foods as long as they are Fast exit foods, focusing on the digestive system!

These foods include: Fish, Eggs, Goats Cheese, dark Chocolate, avocado, Salad, Greens, Any Vegetables , and foods have to be properly combined for digestion, so proteins and starches apart, and every meal with a large salad!

I will be Juicing till Dinner, with usually 2 large 320z jars of Juice. No fruit in my juices just veggies, and preferably Green juices to alkalise and encourage stored waste to leave!

Here was my brunch juice, I had around 2pm. until then I just had water. My body wasn’t wanting anything up till then.

This Juice is called chocolate milkshake! Although It doesn’t taste of chocolate.. it does have the same creaminess, and is very satisfying!

Juice : 1 head of romaine & 1 pound of Carrots.

I had another Juice around 4pm, A Green Lemonade, another one from Natalia Rose’s Books.

Juice: 1 Head Celery or Romaine, Kale, 1 lemon and Ginger.

This one is really powerful, and gets things moving! (if you know what I mean) ,,;) It also fills you up and gave me lots of energy.

For dinner I ate at 6pm, and had a Omelette with Goats cheese and a spinach salad,

I finished my day with a lovely Herbal tea before bed. I’m using one called Pau D’arco, Great for balancing yeast and boosting the immune system.

I’m also doing’s vlog’s on my You tube channel, talking in more depth about why I am doing this cleanse and a lovely organic natural face mask to help with detox symptoms!

  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight ¬†loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at¬†juice

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