I’ve fallen in Love. Again!

I didn’t think I’d ever say it, but I’ve fallen in love with a range of  skin care products!!

You see my skin was always sensitive and hated any chemicals, even water sometimes, and for years I haven’t used anything on my skin, just water, and coconut oil for lip balm.

Luckily from my holistic lifestyle and healthy eating over the last 6 years I managed to rid myself of acne and rosacea and moisturise my skin naturally from the inside out drinking lots of green juices and keeping hydrated, exercise, sauna’s and yoga.

However the winter’s in the uk are harsh, and I love to run outside and my skin gets dry in winter time from the bitter cold and the central heating everywhere.

So lucky me and a gift from the universe! I have been drawn to some amazing products that have got me so excited and passionate. Neal’s Yard Remedies.

I kept hearing about Neals Yard, and seeing them here and there.. obviously the universe giving me signs.Someone even gave me some Neal’s yard body creme as a gift for Xmas, but I hadn’t used it, because of my previous experience with skin care routines. I kept getting that niggling voice to try the products but I didn’t’ for a while.

I had tried so many products on my skin years ago, even natural ones, that I thought my skin would never like any products.. and it was best to just go without.

My friend contacted me about the Neal’s Yard products as she’s a consultant and to come and try the products, so I did, and oh my I’m so glad i did. I loved them, they smelt beautiful, the ingredients are all natural and organic, the essential oils smell amazing and are so vitamin rich, and most importantly no nasty chemicals!

I fell in love with all the products and got VERY excited about bringing them to part of  Sarah’s holistic health, that I am now also a Neal’s Yard Consultant :) It feels right and fits really well with my beliefs, I always  follow my passion’s and I could tell that my excitement and passion for these products is a great sign to go with it.

Okay so my first review on this gift from the universe for my skin is the Wild Rose beauty balm.

Here is a link to this product :

Wild Rose Balm

I have recorded a video to explain why I love this product and you can also see for yourself how great much I love it and how it’s made my skin soft and happy this winter:)

Can’t wait to let you know more about these wonderful products. ❤ I will be trying them all and it will be my pleasure to review them for you.

oh yes and the fact that I haven’t done a video in a while may show.. if you can count the correct amount of Um’s I say,  you win a prize!  lol. Keeping it real over here. 😉


  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight  loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at juice rehab@hotmail.co.uk

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