Quinoa- Keeeeen Waaaa

I am loving my Quinoa at the moment, It’s always been my favourite grain.

My body loves it and regularly craves this superfood! ¬†This teeny-weeny grain has so many health benefits, it is the only grain to have a complete source of protein, I love eating this after the gym I can literally feel my body saying Thank you ūüôā

It also has a relaxing effect on the body, and is great to have as your evening meal (3hrs before bed for digestion! ) it prepares you for sleepy land ūüôā

A really easy and tasty recipe also highly alkaline is my favourite Quinoa Salad:

Quinoa, Spring onion, Avocado, tomatoes, Garlic and sea salt. All mixed together with  green leaves of you choice! YUM.

This grain is usually easy to digest for most people, and still leaves me feeling light and energetic instead of weighed down. I will be eating lots of this over the next month of my No sugar cleanse. I will post more recipes that I use often for this little grain!

What Grain’s do you love and that leave you feeling good after you’ve eaten them?


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Chickpea Burgers! ( I wish i’d made more! )

I have to share this amazing recipe I made, I have been following a low sugar diet for the last couple of days, along the lines of the Body Ecology Diet. Which I highly recommend reading! I think some detox’s ¬†miss out the most important part of detoxing and that is your gut, ¬†the balance of good and bad bacteria, your digestion, and making sure your colon health is strong enough to deal with a release of toxins!

I have been feeling a little tired lately, experienced headaches, felt bloated and in general my immune system needs a boost. Plus it’s nearly spring and a seasonal cleanse is great, and naturally what the body ask’s for. So I’ve felt a bit out of whack, this could have been brought on by a number of reasons, stress being a biggy! ¬†I also know that I have been a bit lazy, not taking care of myself and not doing all the things that I know keeps me balanced and feeling great.

I am Guilty of, (actually not guilty this in it self is a bad emotion to have and we all want to say goodbye to guilt, it doesn’t serve us,) just except your actions and move on, don’t beat yourself up!! ¬†Yes Sarah take note! ¬†Which is easier said then done, and it’s something I am focusing on for my self-development.

Things I have done lately that haven’t benefited my health:

  1. Eaten lots of fruit (sugar)and nut together, not soaked my nuts and overloaded my poor digestive system with food’s not combined properly. For me Food combining is a must for my digestion to feel happy.
  2. Stopped doing my daily yoga & meditation, hence an unbalanced mind makes unbalanced food choices.
  3. Not had my daily green salad ūüė¶ my energy levels definitely felt this one! I’m sorry my beloved rocket, my love for you is back on!
  4. Not enough Green juice! I’ve been having it here and there, and when I have not my usual pint! Pint of green juice is a MUST for my physical and emotional health, Yes greens make you happier. Try it and see.
  5. Fresh air, when I was taking daily breaks and going for a walk outside in the fresh air, connecting with nature, my wellbeing was top-notch, without it I feel SAD, and the cobweb’s need blowing away.
  6. Gratitude, my daily gratitude lists, Life makes more sense when you have an attitude of gratitude, I will be making time each morning to write a list of everything I am grateful for, and to feel the sense of how lucky I am. This one simple exercise each day can make dramatic changes to your life, the more you appreciate what you have, the more of what you want turns up, your goals, dreams!

We all know whats best for us, sometimes we just need a little reminder to what is important, and I am always grateful for the clarity that falling off the wagon brings me, my mind/emotions  has a big impact on my food choices. So I will focus on my relationship with my yoga mat, my meditation, and I believe the rest will follow, easily and without too much effort, just naturally!

So where was I, oh yes my no sugar, food combining, easily, cultured veggies, ¬†high greens “diet” (i hate that word) ¬† let’s use cleanse instead! ¬†Well yes I’m following this way of eating for a while and i’ll be posting more on it, keeping you updated of how it’s going for me.

Okay, I was about to share my yummy Chickpea Burger Recipe with you. So scrummy and easy! Plus chickpeas are a great source of iron ūüôā combined with the rest of the ingredients make these high in Vit B (great for stress) and the sunflower seeds are a great EFA!


cooked and drained chickpeas – 410g, red kidney beans – 410g, 1 carrot, 1 small onion, 50g sunflower seeds, 2tbsp of Tahini, 1 garlic clove, 1 handful of fresh coriander and 1 tbsp of wheat & yeast free vegetable bouillon powder.

Place all of the ingredients into a food processor, blend until the mixture is nearly smooth but still has lumps ūüôā ¬†make the mixture into small balls, and place into a oven @ 220c for 20 minutes.

You can serve these with a lovely raw green salad, like rocket, watercress, spinach, topped with a homemade dressing of apple cider vinegar, hemp seed oil, lemon juice and salt ( soooo good! )  The raw enzymes in the salad will help you digest your meal efficiently.


What cleanse are you thinking of doing for Spring?


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Recipe for Happiness.

It may not be your recipe for Happiness but this Lentil stew recipe made my day ! It was heart warming in more ways than one….

It was an evening like this that reminded me of how amazing we all are and the inner wisdom we hold inside of us!

 I had this realisation!  Life is actually easy if we know how.

That happiness is not something that we need to search for. It’s not this pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or a reward we eventually receive after a hard long lesson learnt life.

 Happiness is a feeling we can have right now.  Even when we are  hard at work on ourselves to find a new better us, focusing on self-improvement and peeling off layers of emotional baggage and issues we believe we have…

Happiness is this feeling/this thing that we are all searching for. Many times it is forgotten that it’s actually already here and it had never even left us.

 I myself am guilty like many lost souls of searching for Happiness and thinking how I am not good enough at this moment,how when I’ve improved my skills, my emotions, my career, all will be better and I will find that feeling, that love inside, that perfect life!

¬†How ever I was reminded today, That ‚Äúperfect life‚ÄĚ is already here and that feeling is already within us, each and every one of us, and that when you stop searching for it, you usually find it.

¬†I was just finishing my day watching some clips on YouTube, some self-improvement techniques, you know, working on that next part of me that needs work, on my way to becoming a Sarah with no ‚Äúissues‚ÄĚ and plotting my next daily routine to take me closer to the ‚Äúperfect being‚ÄĚ I strive to be, the spiritual being, one with all.

This is how my Lentil stew brought me to a lovely realisation, one I’ve had before many times, but each and every time I have it, it feels like the first.. ūüėČ

 I took a break from my laptop and went downstairs to prepare some dinner for my girlfriend and I for when she got home.

As I’m chopping the celery and carrots to make our healthy hearty lentil stew, I suddenly stop and realize there is this feeling here…. What is it? Ooo it feels good!

This feeling was filling up my whole body, I stop and realize how blissful it is and how it‚Äôs ‚Äúthe feeling,‚ÄĚ the one that I am searching for and wanting more off.

I’ve felt this before…

I couldn’t explain it straight away, If I had to describe it in words to somebody, I would say I felt tingly inside, buzzing, my body vibrating on the inside, the vibrations around my chest and heart were overwhelming, and I wanted to cry with happiness.

I started thinking, god I must LOVE cooking more than I knew! Lol..

 My whole body was feeling total love, appreciation, and gratitude for just simply LIFE, being alive. Wow. It was like the feeling you get after a massage, or sex or something that takes you out of your head and into your body. Just a sense of wholeness.

 Where did it come from?

 See all I was doing was chopping away thinking how much I love preparing healthy food and how I was excited about my girlfriend coming home and how much I love her and that I love  making things for her and sharing, that I can’t wait to taste the lentil stew when it’s complete… etc, etc.. my mind was in a state of GRATITUDE and positive thoughts.

 I was totally in the zone of doing something I loved.

I had not been searching for it, nor meditating, and still this lovely overwhelming feeling of bliss and love and I guess just ‚Äúhappiness‚ÄĚ was there.

 In that moment I realized just how easy it is to feel this amazing feeling of happiness and contentment.

It made me feel even more grateful for how magical this life really is, and for moments like this when you realize just how easy it is to be happy that life finally makes sense!

 As I write this my heart is still so open and loving and just grateful for this beautiful reminder that I have tears of absolute love & appreciation for life.

¬†Life is not hard, it’s not. ¬†It‚Äôs easy when we are reminded how easy it is to be happy in one little moment, I‚Äôm so grateful that a simple act of cooking a lentil stew for my girlfriend and I reminded me of that. Really the little small things in life make life!¬† Don‚Äôt search for happiness, as it‚Äôs already there, in the little things, the ones we may sometimes overlook or forget, it‚Äôs in parts that are there all the time, the ones just waiting for you to remember them or just stop and realize they are there.

Here is the recipe, taken from Alicia Silverstone’s the Kind Diet.

Lentil Stew

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp ground cumin

1/4 tsp dried oregano

1/2 tsp dried basil

2 tbsp olive oil

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

2 large onions, cut into chunks

2 celery stalks, diced

1 carrot, sliced

1 potato, i used sweet potato cut into chunks

1/4 cup shoyu or bragg’s amino

5 cups of vegetable broth, I just used filtered water

3 tomatoes, cut into chunks

1 1/2 cups brown lentils

Combine the garlic powder, paprika, salt, cumin, oregano and basil in small bowl. Heat the oil in a large soup pot, add the garlic, onion celery, carrot, and potato. Stir in half the seasoning mixture and the shoyu. Cook, stirring frequently, for approx 7 mins, or until onions are tender.

Add the 5 cups of water, tomatoes and lentils. Bring to the boil over high heat, then reduce and simmer with lid askew for 30 mins. Add the remaining seasoning mixture and cook for 20 minutes longer or until lentils are soft.

Serve and Enjoy!

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I’ve fallen in Love. Again!

I didn’t think I’d ever say it, but I’ve fallen in love with a range of ¬†skin care products!!

You see my skin was always sensitive and hated any chemicals, even water sometimes, and for years I haven’t used anything on my skin, just water, and coconut oil for lip balm.

Luckily from my holistic lifestyle and healthy eating over the last 6 years I managed to rid myself of acne and rosacea and moisturise my skin naturally from the inside out drinking lots of green juices and keeping hydrated, exercise, sauna’s and yoga.

However the winter’s in the uk are harsh, and I love to run outside and my skin gets dry in winter time from the bitter cold and the central heating everywhere.

So lucky me and a gift from the universe! I have been drawn to some amazing products that have got me so excited and passionate. Neal’s Yard Remedies.

I kept hearing about Neals Yard, and seeing them here and there.. obviously the universe giving me signs.Someone even gave me some Neal’s yard body creme as a gift for Xmas, but I hadn’t used it, because of my previous experience with skin care routines. I kept getting that niggling voice to try the products but I didn’t’ for a while.

I had tried so many products on my skin years ago, even natural ones, that I thought my skin would never like any products.. and it was best to just go without.

My friend contacted me about the Neal’s Yard products as she’s a consultant and to come and try the products, so I did, and oh my I’m so glad i did. I loved them, they smelt beautiful, the ingredients are all natural and organic, the essential oils smell amazing and are so vitamin rich, and most importantly no nasty chemicals!

I fell in love with all the products and got VERY excited about bringing them to part of ¬†Sarah’s holistic health, that I am now also a Neal’s Yard Consultant :) It feels right and fits really well with my beliefs, I always ¬†follow my passion’s and I could tell that my excitement and passion for these products is a great sign to go with it.

Okay so my first review on this gift from the universe for my skin is the Wild Rose beauty balm.

Here is a link to this product :

Wild Rose Balm

I have recorded a video to explain why I love this product and you can also see for yourself how great much I love it and how it’s made my skin soft and happy this winter:)

Can’t wait to let you know more about these wonderful products. ‚̧ I will be trying them all and it will be my pleasure to review them for you.

oh yes and the fact that I haven’t done a video in a while may show.. if you can count the correct amount of Um’s I say, ¬†you win a prize! ¬†lol. Keeping it real over here. ūüėČ


  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight ¬†loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at¬†juice rehab@hotmail.co.uk