“Be gentle” White Chocolate Pudding

I wanted to share this delicious pudding I made yesterday, from all my bits and bobs in my magic cupboard!

I’m  on a Raw food cleanse this month, and whilst I always eat high raw, my body felt like it wanted to be 100% raw or as high as possible for as long as my body feels it’s right to. I work with my intuition and that’s what feels right for me at that moment, and so here I am.

So I’ve been eating yummy raw foods for over about 2 weeks now, I’ve had a few cooked vegan meals here and there, but keeping it mostly raw and just having some fun playing in the kitchen.

I was 100% raw for over a year and a half, and whilst I felt my health and energy levels were amazing, after a while I felt restricted and isolated with being so strict with myself. My body wanted other foods, like cooked steamed veg and quinoa and because I had been raw for so long I was worried about eating those foods,  looking back I think it was ridiculous, as eating steamed veg and quinoa is certainly more digestible and healthier than eating a bag of cashew nuts!!

I realised I was so obsessed about eating “raw” that it became like a food/eating disorder as I was so “scared” of cooked foods, even healthy ones! One day luckily I let go, or  my mind let go, and I ate some cooked food, and no I didn’t die!

It felt emotionally great to “let go”, and I’ll tell you that I actually felt healthier than I had  fully raw and that was because my emotions had become toxic to me, the ones keeping me obsessed with being 100% raw. I had been placing food as the answer to everything, the cure, the answer to all my problems. Luckily I saw the light.

Of course I believe good nutrition is very important in controlling your emotions and improving the energy of the body, and great for cleansing and letting the body heal it self. I believe high raw foods to be the best source of vitamins and mineral, and I believe in eating as much alkaline foods as you can. Keeping a healthy alkaline system, boosting your immune system. However emotions are important if not more important than food, and you need to be gentle on yourself, and make sure you are listening to your body, to not beat yourself up.

I find the easier I am on myself the easier it is to follow a healthy diet/healthier diet and then you not working against yourself all the time.

So here I am back to high, high raw, and my body and mind feels ready again for 100% raw and I am going to just go with the flow, if I eat some cooked vegan foods, well who cares, it certainly is still healthy 🙂

Most of all though I will do my yoga, my meditation, work on healthy happy relationships, surround myself with people who are positive and loving and vibrate good energy, get creative, keep myself in nature as much as I can, fresh air, exercise/running, these are the things that feed my soul, these are the things that keep me energetically healthy, leaving me feeling my best.

I just wanted to write this as I had such a problem with following the “right” “correct” path that I put so much pressure on myself and I felt controlled by food, I want others to know slower is better,be easy on yourself, LOVE your self, and follow your body’s instincts, to work with your mind and body as a whole ,not just your nutrition! For me I learnt the hard way.. it took 1yr and a half,  but it taught me a valuable lesson in my own health and happiness which I am grateful for.

Here’s a recipe that is delicious and a great treat!


2 cups Soaked cashews 10-12hrs.

1/2 cup coconut oil

1 cup of filtered water or coconut water

1/4 cup of agave, or any other natural sweetener.

1/2 tsp sea salt.

2 tablespoons of melted cacao butter.

Blend together in a high speed blender until smooth.( I used a vitamix, as it’s great at blending nuts oh so smooth! )

I grated some raw chocolate on top and sliced a strawberry, chilled in the fridge for a couple of hours and served.

Try it and let me know what you think 🙂 xx


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Choose your cleanse with Juice Rehab!

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Juice Rehab Cleanse

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How & Why Juice Rehab came about.

I recorded a video explaining why I started Juice Rehab and what cleanse’s Juice Rehab has to offer. One of my passions is Juicing, and especially the highly alkalising Green ones!!  so with my ❤ Juicing ,I wanted to put my thoughts across on why it’s a great way to cleanse the body, and how it’s transformed my health.

We will also be offering a 1 day Juice Rehab Cleanse . More on that soon.

If your have any questions.. feel free to post a comment or contact me on my youtube account or Facebook page:


Have a Juicy day folks ❤



  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight  loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at juice rehab@hotmail.co.uk

Juice Rehab – Delivered to your desk!

Juice Rehab – Fruits and Vegetables freshly juiced and bottled with Love – a great start for your day. Forget the coffee and red bull after a long weekend! Get some Juice from Juice Rehab – this will give you all the energy you need plus it will give your body the goodness, vitamins and minerals it needs giving you healthy glowing skin, and lasting energy all day. Your worth it 🙂

Juice Rehab – 100% natural whole ingredients freshly juiced each day just for you.

Juice Rehab – A great start to a healthier you!

Juice Rehab 3 day Cleanse : We provide five x 500ml drinks for each day of the cleanse. Your juice ingredients will depend on which cleanse you choose. Beginners,Alkaline or our Hardcore cleanse. We recommend beginners if this is your first cleanse…

Juice Rehabs Cleanse’s also come with supplements and bathing products which have been carefully selected to help you achieve the maximum benefit from the cleanse you choose. We will also provide you with information on preparing for a cleanse, how to make it run smoothly for you during the process and what to expect. Information on post cleanse eating will be included, We can supply your post cleanse food for the next day for an extra fee.

We offer three and five day programmes which are manageable when undertaken at home and with your normal day to day life. We will deliver your cleanse in a single delivery on a morning of your choice from Monday to Friday. This will include your Juice Rehab welcome pack, juices for three days, supplements and bath products.

Juice Cleanse’s are highly beneficial for many people. Weight loss is an added bonus and sometimes a primary reason for others to do the cleanse. How much weight you may lose depends on the individual.

Our Juice Rehab cleanse programme consists of Juices with high nutritional content, made from Fresh Fruit & Vegetable in unique combinations. Additional nutritional and herbal supplements as a way of helping you to achieve good health, wellbeing and radiance. Bath products to help your skin experience even more benefits from the Cleanse too
Why should I do a juice cleanse?

There are various reasons to undertake a juice cleanse, but it is definitely worth considering if you are suffering from any of the following symptoms:

  • headaches
  • poor sleep
  • tiredness
  • lowered immunity
  • nausea
  • dull skin
  • thrush
  • overweight
  • constipation
  • spots and acne
  • sluggishness
  • mouth ulcers
  • difficulty waking up
  • allergies
  • stress
  • skin conditions
Doing a Juice Rehab cleanse can produce amazing results, especially for your overall wellbeing. We can also tailor each cleanse to your particular needs. Find out more when you book your cleanse.
How much weight can I expect to lose on a cleanse?
Weight loss depends on the length of programme you choose and your weight at the start of the cleanse. However, on average you can expect to lose 2-3lbs on a three day cleanse, and anywhere between 4-6lbs on a five day cleanse. Greater cleansing and weight loss can also often be achieved if you have colonic hydrotherapy, or other colon cleansing.
Why Juice Rehab ?
In today’s polluted world and with our hectic lifestyles it has become more difficult to maintain good health. Undertaking a regular cleanse can play a part in keeping healthy.

Our bodies have to deal with an increasing array of toxins from various sources; from the food and drink we consume, the air we breath, the products we put on our skin and use to clean our clothes and homes. Although the human body is able to eliminate toxins, undertaking a well managed juice based cleansing programme can help support this natural process by supplying nutrients and enzymes in an easily digestible form.

Our cleanse programme consists of a unique combination of juices and additional nutritional and herbal supplements as a way of helping you to achieve good health, wellbeing and radiance.

We also provide holistic health coaching sessions in person or over Skype. Once you have completed a cleanse it is a great opportunity to incorporate healthy foods as your body will be more inclined to make better food choices after a cleanse. We can advise you on how to improve your health for the long haul. Contact us for more details.
Our Juices provide your body with the minerals & nutrients it needs, leaving you with glowing skin, and a healthy happier body:)
Juice Cleansing can bring many many benefits:
Here are just a few of them:

  • greater vitality and more consistent energy
  • weight loss
  • improved overall skin, hair and nail condition
  • improved sleep patterns
  • improved digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • better bowel health
  • strengthened immune system
  • greater emotional wellbeing and happiness
Will I regain the weight quickly post cleansing?
Much of the weight you lose may be water, however this is no bad thing as the reason that our bodies store unnecessary water is because they are not digesting food properly. By cleansing you may enable your body to work more effectively and consequently become less likely to regain weight.
What should I eat after the cleanse?
It is important that you do not shock your body by going straight from the last day of the cleanse to eating very heavy foods! Ideally you should introduce food slowly, beginning with plant foods such as juicy fruits and choosing organic if possible. You will receive full guidance about post cleanse eating with your programme information.
 When should I start preparing for the cleanse?
We recommend that for the few days before the cleanse you try to eliminate stimulants such as tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes from your diet as far as possible. It is also helpful if you can stick to a mainly vegetarian diet that avoids processed foods and sugar and contains lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. This should help make the cleansing process easier on the body and ultimately more enjoyable and effective.
To book a cleanse with Juice Rehab. contact us on juice rehab@hotmail.co.uk or call our cleansing experts on 0777 159 3810.
Juice Rehab puts you back on the right track to health!
  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight  loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at juice rehab@hotmail.co.uk

Juice Rehab

My new Juice service is now up and running in perfect time! Perfect time for 2012 and new beginning’s :

It’s called Juice Rehab, the name reflects exactly how I believe Juicing can change your life.

Juicing gets you on your way to a healthier, happier you.

Out of all of the different diets, supplements and ways to improve my health that I have tried, and believe me I have tried lots, a self-confessed Health Nut 🙂 Juicing is the most important addition I do for my health and wellbeing. I will never stop juicing. I Love it. My body Loves it and it makes me feel amazing. 

Once I started adding fresh daily vegetable and fruit Juice into my daily lifestyle, I noticed a massive transformational shift in my health, and I had already thought myself very healthy.

My energy levels were improved, I had higher, constant energy all day.

My skin looked bright, clearer and felt softer, and looked really hydrated.

Eyes, nails and hair, all looked and felt healthier, brighter.

My body craved exercise!

I had less cravings for sweet foods or any processed foods.

I had more clarity, my mind was clearer and my mood was calmer.

As I am so passionate about Juicing I want to bring all these benefits to you, to you at home or work, especially for those of you who just don’t have the time to be as healthy as you’d like or you  don’t have the equipment to make your own juice.

Juice Rehab will deliver to you at home or work between 8am and 10am.

We offer a daily weekly service Monday to Friday. £20 – This includes delivery of a freshly Juiced  vegetable / Fruit Juice bottled with Love containing vital vitamins and minerals your body needs to be healthy and vibrant.

We also offer a 3 day Juice rehab detox – great for those wishing to renew and clean out their systems after a heavy weekend, or  indulgent festive holidays. £150

The 3 days included 5 bottles of fresh juice each day, supplements and bath products to aid and ease your cleanse. A 3 day cleanse will leave you feeling lighter, energised, cleaner, vibrant and most importantly hydrated and healthier. A great kick-start to a happier you because you are worth it and your deserve to feel true health!



  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight  loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at juice rehab@hotmail.co.uk