Guilt Free Chocolate Parties!

Guilt Free Chocolate Parties

If you would like to Host a party and you would like something different and fun, you can contact me to organise a Chocolate Party for you!

This is not just any Chocolate Party, it’s a Guilt Free Chocolate Parties

Yes Chocolate can be Guilt Free & extremely good for you.

Our Guilt Free Chocolate  is made in its most natural form and not using any processed sugars or dairy.

We use only Raw organic Ingredients: Raw Cacao Powder, Raw Cacao Butter, Agave Syrup.  We make our chocolate in a way were all the minerals and nutrients are protected and all the ingredients are beneficial to your body.  We add additional Superfoods like Mesquite,Maca & Lucuma to make it even more nutritious, your body will Love it, not to mention you will Love too.

Raw Chocolate is one of the most fantastic super foods, it is super nutritious containing many nutrients & minerals.

Chocolate is high in magnesium and other minerals and is amazingly good for you when it’s not heated/cooked and destroyed.

Raw Guilt Free chocolate is full of antioxidants, has aphrodisiac qualities and makes you smile and feel happy due to the mood enhancing qualities too.

It’s a shame that commercial chocolate is so excessively heated, melted and processed that there is hardly any nutrients left, not to forget the genetically modified soy lecithin added, refined sugar and powdered milk that make it toxic to the body. That Chocolate has nothing to offer!

However you can still eat chocolate & feel good! Raw healthy Guilt Free chocolate. 🙂

Raw Chocolate, wins hands down and now you can learn how to make it and get to eats lots of healthy chocolate too.

So you can now eat your Chocolate Guilt free!

Contact me at

Guilt Free Chocolate Parties

Let me know if you would like to Host a chocolate party at your home with friends/family.

We will come round and show you & your guest’s how to make guilt free treats that are great for your body and taste amazing. It’s a great evening, with fun and informative Healthy Chocolate lesson, good friends and lots of Chocolate to eat!

Whole Slab of Fruit & Nut Guilt Free Chocolate!


  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight  loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at juice


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