The Juice Lady Delivery – Skinny Mini Juice & Cake To your door!

Skinny Mini are now delivering in the Milton Keynes area. To your home or work.

You can have Skinny Mini treats whenever you want , all healthy & Guilt Free!

Full of super foods to help you feel amazing, food to help you keep on track with your weight and give you energy, vitality & vibrance.

I take the hard work out & make it all for you!

Healthy foods that taste Amazing delivered to your door.. by The Juice Lady ūüôā

You can order a freshly juiced Green Juice for your morning buzz & get you on Track:


¬†Extra booster’s are available too ! Add these to your juice for an extra hit of pure goodness. Add a banana & some Cacao powder to the almond milk for a Skinny Mini superfood shake.

Some Cheesy¬†kale chips to replace your potato crisps! These are super delicious and Kale is sooo good for you. Its a Superfood, one of my favourites. These are a favourite with everyone that’s tried¬†them, you can never get enough..

Or Buckwheaties, which are crunchy little buckwheat pyramids, that go into my favourite superfood berry breakfast:

Now for the Treats! 


You can order some yummy Double Chocolate peanut coconut creme pie! ¬†“Oh my god this tastes amazing!” That’s the response I get from everyones first bite. This is everyone’s favourite, and I mean everyone, I have to lock the fridge it’s so good ūüôā

There are my chocolate covered truffles, Chocolate Cherry brownies and the famous Chocolate Ganache pie. A chocolate lover’s dream & guilty free pleasure.

Our Skinny Mini Treat box is a great choice if you can’t choose what to have, you get 2 slices of cake and 3 brownies, a great mix and match.

I also sell whole cakes for those of you who wish to share your cake with the whole family, or for a special occasion – like Birthdays or seasonal celebrations!

You can order by email :

The Juice lady is at your service ūüôā


  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight ¬†loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at¬†juice


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