I get my Vegan Bake – On!

I usually make all my cakes & treats raw! but time had come where I felt drawn to trying my hand at some Vegan Baking with my girlfriend.  We went to the local Health Food shop to get the ingredients we didn’t have in our stocked high Raw vegan cupboard.

Rice Flour – Gluten Free

Baking Powder – Gluten Free

Xylitol – natural sweetener

We decided that we would  bake some healthy vegan cookie’s – and by using Gluten free flour &  xylitol we could still keep them super healthy and our bodies would love us and stay happy.

I’ve just recently bought a new vegan cook book  (Skinny Bitch : Ultimate everyday cookbook) by the inspirational Kim Barnouin, I love her  tongue in cheek “Foul” language! It’s a must have book  just for that 😉


We made the white chocolate chip cookies from this book, although I substituted the vegan white chocolate chips for Raw chocolate chips I made myself.

I have to say the cookie dough was yummy and we ate a fair bit before it was even cooked! and scraped out the bowl 🙂

I was also inspired to make some “mookies” which I read about on queerveganfood.com, a fellow Sarah and also a fellow “Queer” posted her recipe of a cross between a cookie and a muffin.. I had to try them!

These were hands down our favourites out of the all the cookies we made and we made a lot!

Check out her recipe :


We served our Cookies with some freshly made Almond Milk. Perfect combination.

you can find the recipe I make here:


This perfectly combined with settling down to watch some Dexter (another  non guilty pleasure of ours)

Our verdict of Vegan baking, is that new to this I definitely need practise! I haven’t baked a cake or dessert in such a long time.

I’ve realised how much I appreciate my Raw Vegan desserts, as for me nothing can replace these.

So whilst I now feel the urge to master the world of healthy Vegan baking, I know in my heart of hearts that MY heart lies with The Raw vegan delicious treats. I do however like that I have opened my options up and  that I can choose to bake with the use of Gluten free flour and sugar-free sweeteners if I wish too.  Oh yes and our housemate Yangtze said she liked them too! ” They taste just like cake” yep thats what we wanted a soft, squishy, moist cookie.

Next up .. something with the silken tofu that we bought!  Recipe: I can’t believe its not cakes frosting…


  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight  loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at juice rehab@hotmail.co.uk

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