My Health Journey

I was quite a sickly child.. i was born with bad colic, and I had lots of throat infections when I was  growing up and eventually had my tonsils and adonoids out when I was 10 years old.

I remember having quite a few headaches and sinus problems, and I had anorexia at the age of 14yrs old. I can remember this being the time i started to struggle with depression too. I took anti depressants twice in a period of 6 years.. but I knew inside, my intution that it wasn’t something I wanted to rely on so I came off them each time after a couple of months.

At the age of 19 my face broke out in acne.!

I’d never had a problem with acne before, I’d actually had  pretty perfect skin, so when suddenly my face broke out and not just a few spots but a lot, I had no idea what to do.

It really knocked my confidence and I felt totally helpless as I could not control what was happening.  I was put on lots of different antibiotics, lotions, potions, contraceptive pill and whilst one contraceptive pill did clear my skin, I had to deal with the other symptoms that the hormonal pill gave me, like weight gain, moodiness, un-natural periods, just totally messing with my hormones!

Fast forward to age 21, My health was not good, I had horrible digestion, bloated, gas, my skin condition was now acne & rosacea and I had  finally been diagnosed with Endometriosis ( after years of pain) I was offered more pills to take to stop my periods altogether so that the pain would be less.

It was from that day I decided enough was enough, and I started researching natural health, and took my own health into my hands! My love for nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle started from that moment.

So empowering!

I came off all my medication, which was the contraceptive Pill that was controlling my skin and antibiotics, and I started focusing on my nutrition.

I gave up all known allergen’s : dairy, wheat, sugar and started an anti candida diet. In 3 weeks my digestion was the best it had been in 2 years, it was improving every day.  My skin started to get better without the help of pills.

My Rosacea totally cleared up after some Juice Cleansing and dietary changes and most of all without fake hormones in my body.

Since then my health has just been getting better and better, I feel so blessed that I now know how to control and react to any symptoms my body gives me that it is out of balance. It feels so much more empowering! I know what foods to eat that make me feel alive, energetic, I know the ones which don’t and I avoid those. I have a holistic lifestyle that I love, with combines making sure all areas of my life are balanced and nourishing me for true health.

I’m happy to have my clear skin back and now have the tools and knowledge  to keep it clear.

Below I have put some photos together to give you an idea of the journey I have taken.

Nothing says it better than a photo. It doesn’t lie! It’s great motivation to see how far you’ve come and these just show me how my health and vibrance has improved and my health now shines through. Looking back at how I felt before.,  just makes me feel even more grateful that I found this lifestyle where my health just keeps on improving.

Naturally Happy & Healthy In my younger years: (think i’m 9 here..)

Me On a standard Diet 2009.

(Tired, over weight & depressed.)

One Xmas time feeling tired and lethargic.

Carrying a bit more weight than I wanted:

Me on a sugar free diet: (feeling a lot healthier, mood swings improving)

After a couple of weeks going onto a Raw diet:  (feeling happier, energised & vibrant)

Couple of months Raw! (loving Avocado’s)

My first 10k run. My Stamina and fitness was much better!

My 28th Birthday! My skin was the best it had ever been.

Me today very happy with the balance I have found in my life with wholefoods. Finding the balance that works best for me. (We are all unique!)

Turning 30 and feeling the healthiest & Happiest I’ve ever been:


Happiness is a journey not a destination!


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5 thoughts on “My Health Journey

  1. celestedimilla says:

    Hey there! What an inspirational transformation story. I envy you that you discovered how to live healthfully at such a young age. I’m 46 and just started following a plant-based diet last year (better late than never).. Anyway, It’s changed my life! I’m always excited to find and to connect with others who are living a healthy life too. I love your blog and am going to start following you.

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