Turning 30 & Precious moments.

So I’ve just turned 30 last month! I had a fantastic birthday, My girlfriend Alex took me to Cyprus for a surprise, I didn’t find out until we were at the airport, it was amazing. Such a amazing week in the sun.

My family  threw me a lovely little party before we went for dinner on my pre birthday.

Check out the table they laid for me! They know we so well, I feel very lucky to have such a loving family and they totally except me for my views on eating a healthy holistic diet, I was so touched that they had thought of everything I love:

  • Coconut water
  • nakd bars
  • watermelon
  • pineapple
  • banana’s
  • cashew nuts
  • medjool dates
  • such sweet pictures of me as a baby! awww

This was the table by the end!
Ransacked!!  and can you spot the addition?? My lovely sister Emzie lou made a cherry apple. Cherries on cocktail sticks stuck into an Apple. I loved it 🙂
My beautiful sisters even made everyone Non alcoholic smoothies :
I remembered to take a photo just before I nearly finished it!

So back to being 30!  I thought when I was in my early  twenties that the 30’s were soooo “old” that it was the start of a middle-aged life  which would all be about being “grown up”, responsible, boring and mature…  well I’m here and I’m very glad to say it;s none of those things! (although I am at last responsible).. kind of!

I am surprisingly loving my 30’s, as I look back on my twenties I can say with a grateful heart and sense of joy that I have learnt a great deal and feel a lot wiser, I feel like I finally “get me” I understand what turns me on, what turns me off, what I want from life, who I am, why I do things.. I feel more confident in myself, my choices, I except myself, my looks, my personality, I finally don’t care what everyone thinks of me.. (most of the time 😉 but I finally feel like I am at a place in my life where I can just accept it. Accept  that everyday is unpredictable, that there are up’s and down’s, and the down’s make the up’s even better and of course so you will notice them at all.

I’m on the roller coaster of life and I’m excited about what could happen, instead of fearing it, I’m ready for what the universe has in store for me, the people I will meet, the people who will have an impact on my life, teach me lessons and build my character. The places I will go. My whole future lies ahead of me, but most of all My 30’s so far have taught me that it’s this moment now that matters! The future and the past are only in the mind, but the moment we have now is the most precious, it’s the moment we can make how we want it, and I’ve learnt to make the most of each “now” moment and cherish it, and this has definitely made my life sweeter and more joyful.  The 30’s certainly have me excited, but what is more exciting is this moment now! This Moment. My moment. My life. Precious.

(This sunset was a moment that I felt I was just there and no where else, a beautiful moment)

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