Sugar Cleanse

Why am I Cleansing ?

I felt it was time to do a cleanse as I haven’t done one in a while except from a 3 day juice fast a couple of months back. Lately I had noticed a rash appearing under my right arm ,what I thought was a sweat rash from running has turned into something more.  I believe the body gives us messages through aliments, rashes, aches etc that something we are doing is either not working for our bodies and that we need to make a few amendments to get the body back on track. Since starting my new business I have been more under pressure than before and although I do my best to stay calm and trust in the universe, I am only human and sometimes my negative thoughts take over for a while and I get stressed. I know that stress can have a big effect on the body and I believe that was one of the factors for mine getting out of balance.

Since I’ve noticed my body’s not 100% balanced,  I have started meditating much more regularly , a new type of meditation called Ascension meditation to relax my mind and help me through the stressful times. I’d also got so busy I had been missing my regular morning yoga too, so this is something I have brought back to my daily routine. I realised that its so easy to get caught up in things and we forget to take more time for ourselves to stop and breath ,we can get into bad habits which don’t serve us and our health can suffer if we don’t do this. I certainly had let things take over and stopped doing the things I knew gave me my true health.

I also knew from what I have learnt over the years and from what my instincts tell me that this rash was most probably caused by excess yeast in my system and that my body’s bacteria has gone slightly out of balance. We have good bacteria and bad bacteria, and too much sugar of any kind including fruits sugars can put the balance out and cause some problems. So the stress combined with overeating on Sugars (natural ones) had caused me to get out of kilter.

Sugar cleanse

I’ve done the  anti candida diet in the past about 8 yrs ago a long while back (when I was first healing my digestion)  I ate mostly cooked foods on that plan, Whole grains, Veggies,more of a Macrobiotic approach I suppose, but I had never done a no Sugar cleanse whilst staying High Raw, and I definitely wanted to stay drinking my juices and eating my salads. I have Natalia Rose’s Detox 4 women and I really like her take on cleansing and raw foods. So i decided to follow her 28 day cleanse to re balance my body.  The cleanse i’m doing  involves a Green juice for breakfast each day but taking out all fruit, so I’m having mine totally green with no apples, This is what i call a “hard-core” green juice, but using lemon & ginger has made it much more palatable. Then for lunch I have been having a large avocado salad most days, I tried adding a little Goats cheese to it, like she recommends, but I’m still not sure my body likes any diary.. even goats cheese.. so I stopped adding this. My instincts say no cheese! For dinner I have been eating either an omelette or fish and veggies, or Sweet potato and a salad. I made a yummy sweet potato and carrot soup which I will post the recipe of soon. It was perfect for this breezy weather we have now.

Food combining is very important for digestion also and keeping protein and starch in separate meals is brilliant at getting rid of any bloated feeling and helps it work more efficiently.

Progress – Day 8

I’m on day 8 of my cleanse today and I have definitely been detoxing and been feeling up and down. Detoxing is definitely a roller coaster ride at times.The first 3 days I felt great, lots of energy, mood was good and my digestion felt light. The next few days I had a sluggish digestion and elimination which was uncomfortable and made me feel tired, luckily it sorted itself out over the last two days and is back to normal.(Beetroot really helps!)  I have experienced an ongoing  headache for the last few days and my glands have come up in my throat. Whilst this feeling is not something I have experienced for a while as my health has been great for a long time now, I know that cleansing releases toxins and whilst they are being released you can get symptoms.It’s only the toxins being released into your blood and the body trying to get rid of them through the elimination channels that’s causes you to feel ill. The best way to get rid of the detox symptoms faster is to help the elimination channels. Sweating is great for this so I have been having lots of sauna’s, keeping up my exercise and making sure I’m going to the toilet regularly, (if not an enema or a Colonic would also help the detox symptoms) . This morning I was really happy to see that my rash looks much better already, it is drying out and new skin is showing, so the healing has started ! which is great news and also proves that my body’s yeast had got out of balance and is now getting back under control.

22 Days to go and Willpower:

I am looking  forward to the end of this cleanse as I  really miss my smoothies, and Almond Milk (I’ve also cut out nuts for the cleanse) and Raw Chocolate/Cakes and my superfood breakfasts, to name a few.

It’s not easy but I am determined and I know that for my true health and vitality it is worth getting back into balance in all areas.

I will keep posting my results as I go and let you know how I’m doing.

This experience has once again shown me how amazing our bodies are, how efficient our bodies are and that is so important to listen to the signals it sends you  and not to ignore these! Your body knows what it is doing, and we have natural instincts that  tell us if we listen to them.. what we need to do.

Trust yourself its empowering! and it turns out its very good for us 🙂


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