Health, Happiness & Gratitude.

Health and Happiness go hand in hand. I once only  focused on food as my path to happiness and yes changing my diet gave me more energy and made me feel more energetic and alive, but did it make me happy..? …Well I wasn’t bouncing off the walls, yes I felt healthy and I was happier than I had been back when I was under nourished ,de mineralized and bloated. Yet I still felt like I was missing something..

The High Raw food diet helped me connect with my true self and the natural world around me and certainly showed me that great nutrition will make you feel amazing and healthy.It also made me very aware that Health is not just about what you eat, and you are not just what you eat. You are also what you feel, think , your emotions. Are you Happy ?

Raw foods  brought me to the place where I was Aware what was missing, It had transformed me and cleared me of limiting beliefs that kept me from reaching my potential.It certainly made me happy with what I saw in the mirror each day, It made me feel youthful and energetic. All of these things were new to me and greatly appreciated and welcomed.. Once I had control of my eating habits and food choices I was ready for the next step. To make a difference to the rest of my life.

It took me to The Law of Attraction – Being Grateful and having gratitude for everything in my life, for all the little things that we often take for granted.I started writing gratitude lists, and being very aware of the thoughts I was thinking. I knew that I was creating the world around me by my thoughts, and I wanted to start creating a more positive world by having more positive thoughts about who I was and the environment around me, Relationships, Work, Family and Friends.

I started Meditating to help calm and focus my mind and feel more peace and therefore have more positive thoughts.Excercise and Yoga also helped me feel more consistently positive and I do this everyday now and don’t like to miss it.

After a while I noticed  my thoughts had changed to being mostly positive on a regular basis and I started seeing things change in my world, my environment.

I lost my Job! Now most people would panic and not see it as a positive, However I knew it had happened for a reason. A good reason. It was not my passion, and it certainly wasn’t what I truly wanted to be doing. The universe had decided that I was ready and confident enough and it was time for me to face my fears and achieve my dreams and goals that before I had thought would never happen…

My dreams!  Of course this was what had been Missing all along!

Fulfilment, Achievement, Contribution… ( I love a bit of Tony Robbins)

I started to ask myself :

Well what do I want to achieve in my life?

How would I feel Fulfilled ?

The answer came to me easily, and to everyone else it had been obvious for years, and so they keep telling me 🙂

I love Healthy Eating, Detox, Cleansing, I could talk about these things all day, The body fascinates me and I was totally dedicated to treating mine well. With 10 yrs experience with curing my own health problems, my whole life’s journey so far had brought me to this.It was perfect timing and I couldn’t ignore my passion any longer! It was time to make my passion part of my life. A Health Coach!

My passion is to help other people find their happiness, through diet, positive thinking, anti stress techniques and fitness.

Finally I’m doing what I Love, Love, Love. Coaching people on how to live a Holistic Lifestyle, feel healthy, alive and really living their life.

I want everyone to follow their dreams and goals, and find their happiness.!

I have so much to be thankful for 🙂

Check out this link :

A great tool to manifest your dreams and goals!

This lady is great too, check out her website. I love her new book called Lucky Bitch.


  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight  loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at juice

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