Raw Beauty – Skin Health

Beauty comes from within right?!  Yet so many people believe that  using products on the outside can improve their looks, make them look younger, slimmer, softer more  vibrant etc…

I am not keen on using products – especially ones full of chemicals, I personally wouldn’t put anything on my body that I couldn’t eat. If you put a product full of unnatural chemicals on your skin, it is absorbed right into your blood stream leaving your body & organs to deal with the toxins and having to protect itself. Did you know that fat is used by the body to protect your organs from toxins, so take the toxins out and lose fat! It’s that easy. Plus of course excercise to keep your body toned, when you lose the fat.

There are good products out there that are not full of chemicals:

You can use Coconut oil as a moisturiser, although once you eat a healthy high raw diet with lots of greens your skin shouldn’t need anything! It will rebalance itself, to be hydrated, clear and smooth, even reducing wrinkles.  Here is a great website with lots of great products if you love pampering yourself with lovely smelly stuff and don’t want all the nasty gunk.


I believe that your outer body reflects whats going on inside, everything is a message from your body to tell you something is either unbalanced, overworked, stressed and that something you are doing is not working. For instance a spot appears, did you know that your skin’s health is a lot to do with your diet and stress levels. If you have trouble with acne, then you would find cutting out dairy a big help! Dairy is full of antibiotics and hormones that are fed to the cows to produce lots of milk, and it is very inflammatory. Plus for women our hormones control are skin, and food has a BIG effect on our hormones!

My skin used to play up a lot. I had Rosacea,Acne and very sensitive skin. It drove me Crazy!! Over the years I experimented with food & nutrition and realised my skin problems had a lot to do with my diet! and my colon health ( that’s another story i will write about soon)..

When I was 19  I cut out Dairy, Wheat and Sugar, all the inflammatory foods. My skin improved a lot, but the overall texture and softness and vibrance only improved a couple of years later when I focused on adding raw foods to my diet and having my Green Juice a day.

Now I receive lots of compliments on my skin, and how young & vibrant I look, I have just turned 30  and was very happy to! (not to blow my own trumpet :0 )  I don’t have 1 wrinkle yet or grey hair, I put this down to feeding my body a good diet over the last 10 years and especially the High raw diet I have followed for the last 4 years.

What you eat and drink really does show on your body. If you have something that you are unhappy with a skin problem, Cellulite, your over weight or any health problem…? Take a look at your diet, it’s the first place to start.



  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight  loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at juice rehab@hotmail.co.uk

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