Raspberry Icecreme Hearts

Another one of my special Skinny Mini Desserts:

I Love cold deserts and this one is a hit with everyone that’s tasted it.  It tastes like Vanilla Ice cream but this one is without the Sugar or Dairy! The Raspberry top goes brilliantly giving it a refreshing sweet taste with the creamy base.

Plus they look so pretty and it’s a great recipe to make for your loved one on Valentines day, or a special anniversary.. or just any day to say you Love them.

Now for the important part the Recipe: (makes 9 hearts)

Cashew Nuts x 200g

Cacao Butter x 4 tbsp

Agave Syrup x 4 tbsp

Lucuma x 2-4 tsp (to taste)

Coconut oil x 2 tbsp

Filtered water x 160ml

Vanilla Pod – optional

Topping : 

Raspberries x 1 cup

Agave Syrup  x 4 tbsp

Soak the cashew nuts for at least 4 – 6 hrs. Rinse and drain them. Gently melt the cacao butter and coconut oil together. (either in a dehydrator or over a bowl of hot water.

Add all the base ingredients to a high-speed blender and blend until smooth. Put the mixture into the heart moulds and smooth over the tops. Place these in a freezer while you make the topping.

Blend all the ingredients for the topping in a high-speed blender until smooth. Strain the mixture into a bowl through a sieve to remove the raspberry seeds.

Bring the hearts out of the freezer when set , this make take an hour.. Using a knife loosen the hearts from the mould and tap onto a plate. Spoon the topping onto the hearts and serve!

You can keep these in the freezer for frozen ice creme treats, or in the fridge for a softer moouse like dessert.

Enjoy 🙂


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