Double Chocolate Cream pie Heaven!!

I have been experimenting in the kitchen this past week to come up with a new cake to add to the menu of Skinny Mini Cakes.

I love making healthy cakes and desserts and encouraging people to leave the processed sugars, additives, preservatives out of their diet as much as possible! My cakes are all Free of Wheat, Eggs, processed Sugars & Dairy. Just amazing foods you and your body will love.

I’m really excited as I think I’ve come up with the best cake yet!! and especially if you like Chocolate (who doesn’t..?!) A few people have tried it already, including myself ūüėČ and it got top marks. Most people don’t even believe it’s healthy as it tastes soooo good.

So here it is, Taaaa Daaaaa:

Double Chocolate Cream Pie. – It has a hard chocolate top which has a satisfying crunch when your spoon breaks the surface, the middle is a Creamy Chocolate Coconut Cream mousse, and a soft almond nut base. mmmmmmmm mmmm.

I’m sorry i can’t share this recipe with you as its top-secret! but i will be sharing some recipes with you soon on how to make your own healthy raw guilt free cakes.

Skinny Mini Cakes focuses on only Natural Whole Unheated Ingredients and Superfoods, We want you to be able to eat your cake Guilt Free! and get the nutrient and mineral benefit too, as I’m all about loving our bodies and treating them well!



Right I’m off for another piece of cake, that i won’t have to burn off at the gym later ūüôā



  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight ¬†loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at¬†juice

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