It’s time for an Autumn De-clutter!

I’m a Virgo, not a typical one… or I wasn’t until this year of 2011 where I have become unusually tidy, organised and have found a new love for putting things in order, correctly, precisely and in their “proper” place!

I used to be stepping over piles/mountains of  clothes in my bedroom and putting off tidying day after day until my living conditions were too unbearable. My Mum asks “what’s happened to you, what’s changed ?” with a look of  disbelief at my 180, and thinking oh if only my daughter had been this tidy when living at home!  and i didn’t really understand the change in myself until recently .

I was thinking about when the changes started to happen and it was at the beginning of this year, i had an urge to de-clutter my life! My head was full of “old stuff” and I saw 2011 as a new start and a year for awareness and awakening. It happened instinctively and i started to throw out old clothes that i never wore anymore, all my shoes except my favourite 3 pairs, old grey bra’s were thrown out and ones which were 3 sizes to big! (why on earth would you keep those)..?

My mind was craving for a clean fresh slate and my body knew that the path to this was to de-clutter the world around me. As i threw more out, my mind felt lighter, clearer, refreshed and it felt good, almost addictive and the cycle of throwing out things when my mind feels cluttered and overwhelmed has stayed with me ever since. It’s great therapy and most of us already do it  through the change in seasons, for example Spring Cleaning!

Since starting a new business and with more and more ideas forming in my mind i feel it’s time for another de-clutter, so i can clearly focus on my tasks ahead and new ventures for the future. It opens up my creative pathway and i  feel much more motivated after a great big throw out session.

It also has a great effect on your health too, I always feel lighter more energised and my body feels cleaner afterwards,  as you remove and clean all the old negative, stale energy , letting your body get to work on the new. It makes perfect sense that your surrounding and living conditions will reflect themselves in your emotional and physical health.

So I recommend if your feeling Stuck ? Overwhelmed? Indecisive?  Constipated? Tired? or just want to make some money on Ebay ?

Get De-cluttering ! You’ll be amazed at the change inside you when you change your outside.

(I usually give old clothes to Friends, Sisters or sell them on Ebay! It’s amazing what people buy.. and vintage is very “in” these days. )

Check out this link which explains why Decluttering is so important in our lives:


  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight  loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at juice



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