My New Online Home


Hi, Its been a long while I know!

I’ve had a VERY transformational year and a half, which I am now ready to share with you now that I have come out the other side!

I am also very excited to share that I have a new online home, where I will be sharing much more on health & wellness : recipes, skin care and everything to do with mind, body and soul health.

I’m also focusing a lot on balancing women’s health, adrenal health, hormones, skin and digestion health.

Since my own experience with chronic illness and lyme disease over the last year and more, I have a renewed passion for the power of holistic health and getting to the root cause of illness.

I will be sharing more in the future on my journey and recovery from Lyme disease and what I have  learnt through my own experience, that no course could of ever taught me.

I’d love for you to come over and visit me in my new home at and join the tribe.

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing more 🙂

Sarah xx

I’m Back & I have so much to share!


I can’t believe its been as long as it has.. i’ve really missed this space, of being able to share my journey with you in the hope that I can help another on a smiliar journey. I’ve really missed you all!

I don’t know where to start really, as so much has happened over these last 7 months. Its been a very challenging part of my life and I hoped to be able to write by now that I’m better and healthy again, but sadly that is not the case just ‘yet’ .. I am still very much healing.

I shared in my last blog post that went out back in October that I was suffering with burn out and adrenal fatigue, and after a year of lots of pushing and stress it all got the better of me. So I was taking time out to heal and reboot.

My journey however turned out to be very different than I imagined and after months of chronic unrelenting symptoms and feeling very ill. My gut instinct always pushing me forwards for more answers than just chronic fatigue or M.E, I knew there had to be a root cause to this seemingly sudden health crash.

“Always Trust Your Gut Instinct.”

Finally in January I got the answer I was looking for – the root cause was actually Chronic Lyme Disease and co infections and WOW have I learnt ALOT in these last 10 months.  (i’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks about this )

Now this wasn’t how I imagined my life to go.. I was about to launch my new website, I had plans universe! Do you hear me ..?!

” Sometimes the path is very different to what you had in mind.. but there is always a reason. “

I’ve had to surrender (some days kicking and screaming) to a path that is not exactly what I wanted, putting it mildly..  But the core of me believes that things happen for a reason. Even the really shit things! (excuse the language, but its really the only word to use in this context! )

I’ve learnt so much about chronic illness’s and really investigating and researching to get to the bottom of my own. (It’s in my nature to research, I have always had a thirst to know the ‘truth’.)  Needless to say my GP wasn’t exactly helpful and I had to do it on my own. Luckily because of my back ground and health coach training I knew what to do and where to go. 

‘ I WILL make a light shine in this darkness.’

I’ve decided I am going to use this experience to help others going through similar things and I have started my training to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. ( I will share more in my blog post’s soon about this too! ) but in short I’m going to be able to get actual answers and lab tests done for my clients on how their adrenals are working, hormones etc and be able to write very individualised healing protocols. SO EXCITED 🙂

There are so many people going through similar health issues such as a on going lack of energy and fatigue no matter what they do and other symptoms, just to be told that its a blanket diagnosis of  M.E , Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia.

‘Your Body Is Unique,’

The body doesn’t just decide to attack itself or stop working.. there is always a underlying root cause/stress on the body..

I’m really excited and honoured to be talking at  The Shape Your Life online summit. and be able to share my experience in more depth and reach out to others that are wanting to get to the bottom of their own ongoing health problems.

I’ll be sharing what lab testing I’ve had done and where I recommend to go and what to do if you have ongoing chronic symptoms & chronic illness.

The Shape Your Life Summit

Join me and fellow health and fitness experts in this movement and learn how to make positive changes in your life that will help you create your best body both inside and out!

This event will include powerful, life-changing interviews with fellow experts, coaches, doctors and bestselling authors in the fields of health, fitness, nutrition, detox, self-love and emotional health. This interview series is the equivalent of a mentor mastermind and is completely F.R.E.E!

‘We know our bodies best and we have to take control and get the answers we deserve and start the healing we need. ‘

I can’t wait to share more with you all! Its so good to be back and sharing again.

**If you know of anyone who is dealing with a Chronic illness, M.E, Chronic Fatigue syndrome or any ongoing health issues?  Please share this with them! I do really hope I can help others with this too**

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Lots of Love !

Sarah xxx


Why I’ve been So Quiet Lately

new beginnnings

New Beginning’s

Its time to write the blog post that I have been contemplating writing for the last 2 weeks. It means opening up, being vulnerable and truly authentic.

All the things I believe in and encourage others to do. So here it is!

If you follow me on social media, or follow my blog posts and newsletter you may have noticed it’s all gone a little quiet my end lately..  even on my favourite social media, Instagram (shock horror! yes shocked me too! )

I guess the way to describe it is I’m in the middle of my own transformation, awakening, however you want to look at it.. and I’ve needed to take some time for myself, to work on the things that are important to me, and also work out what is important to me.

Stepping back from everything and accessing whats working and what isn’t.. re-evaluating my life.

I’ve been very “busy” this year, working on my new website, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone everyday to get things done. I thought I was dealing with it all rather well.. however looking back now (hindsight is a funny thing) my stress levels were going up and up, I was feeling fatigued, and I was dealing with much more anxiety on a daily basis than I ever had before. I became stuck in the ‘should’s’, and my do to do list and I just wasn’t taking enough time for ME.

As I’ve said before if you don’t stop, your body will make you, and that’s what’s happened to me.

The universe has a very powerful way of getting you back on course if your stray.. and if you ignore the signs for too long, it can be quite a wake up call.

I have experienced a burn out of sorts..  my nervous system that has been stressed and not loved as well as it should have been for the last 9 months or more..  has said enough is enough.


Sometimes you can work so hard towards a goal.. that it takes over.. and my life had become put on hold for my work and projects. Ideally not what I was working towards at all – as my core desire is a freedom lifestyle. So ironic huh!

I am now in the process of working out how to combine the both – my life and work, to live a lifestyle that works well for me, my nervous system, my hormonal system – my WHOLE body!

Have you heard of adrenal fatigue ? also known as a health crash.

Yes me too! and I know a lot about it, which is helpful, as I know I can recover fast with the knowledge I have. I am now on my own mission to restore my body and mind, to help my energy levels flow again and to get myself rooted in a strong body and mind again.

Here are a few things I’m doing to restore my nervous system +  my adrenals:

Stepping back from social media for a while, the reason being is it’s a busy, noisy world on social media. Yes full of beautiful and inspiring things, but also this can be overwhelming at times especially on our own energy systems, being bombarded by information and noise from every side. So whilst I collect my thoughts, and connect to my own energy, I’m shutting out the rest for a while too.

Spending less time on my laptop and my phone. I know that being exposed to too many EMF’s and radiation has a big effect on our own energy, and particularly our nervous systems. Always checking our phone can become a addiction, and take us away from the world around us, and the people in front of us.  It’s actually becoming an epidemic I believe and a reason so many people are feeling overwhelmed!  We start doing a hundred things at once, replying to text’s, emails, checking our phone again, checking emails again, it’s a vicious cycle, and one that I believe can cause more stress, anxiety affects our adrenal health.

I’m unplugging from anything that brings me stress and overwhelm.

It should be part of our daily practise to prioritise self-care. I’m stepping up my game!

My self-care adrenal healing practise:

– I’m doing daily Reiki healing on myself to clear any energy blockages.

– 20 minutes of meditation every morning.

– Journalling any anxiety and stress onto paper in the mornings.. or as needed throughout the day.

– Listening to positive affirmations by Louise Hay.

– Connecting to my body through gentle yoga and stretching. No strenuous exercise. Listening to my body closely.

– Connecting to the grounding, safe and supportive energy of mother earth every day – daily walks, barefeet on grass, breathing in fresh air.

– Taking deep belly breathes as much as I can. Making a habit of creating deep, proper breathing to relax the nervous system.

– Supplementing with magnesium and b vitamins – great for stress levels!

– Getting lab tests on the levels of my adrenals and neuro transmitters – so I can address any imbalances clearly and effectively.

– Avoiding gluten, grains, stimulants – helps anxiety levels. Fixing the gut which is very much linked to our adrenal health, hormones and neurotransmitters.

– Balancing my “Jing” kidney energy – which is linked to adrenals and energy levels.

– Doing lots of mindfulness exercises – colouring in my mandala’s colouring book, reading a book, walking.

Most of all focusing on being in the PRESENT MOMENT as much as possible.

I hope this information helps any of you that have been struggling with stress, overwhelm or anxiety and inspires you to take action before a bigger wake up call happens.

Self care everyday.

Take time for you and don’t ignore that stress, especially if it is building!  Release it by not pushing through and by taking time to address it and put in place a plan.

Believe me it truly is important. Keep discovering more of yourself in the process.

Love  Sarah xx

Body + Soul  Coach for Balanced Babes.

(Bringing peace to the mind,  nourishment to the body + connection to the soul!)

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Are you listening to your body?


.Your Body Loves You.

I had an ambulance ride to hospital earlier this week after a very bad reaction to a strong coffee. I had heart palpitations and the amount of adrenaline the caffeine released into my body brought on recurring panic attack symptoms.

It was scary but I believe it happened for a reason.

Our bodies are remarkable. They are always communicating with us, letting us know if what we are doing is supporting them or not.

I have to admit though.. it’s not always easy to follow the messages of our bodies.. things can get in the way, the biggest one being US and our fears, doubts and excuses.

I have a confession – for the last 5 months or so I was getting messages from my body that it was not happy. These messages had been on and off. I knew what it was, in the back of my mind I could tell my adrenals were struggling.

However I had deadlines to meet, new branding to work on, a new website to create content for, a business to run, I had to be busy and so on.. these were all the excuses I gave myself  for ignoring the messages and turning to stimulants instead.

Bad move.

This is when my relationship with coffee started. I found that if I had a coffee in the morning – of course ‘bullet proof’ and made with coconut oil for a ‘healthy start’ that I would get sooo much more work done, and faster.

Deadlines were met much easier and I felt more creative!

You see coffee or any stimulant releases adrenaline into your system – which gives you a surge of energy. Adrenaline is the fight or flight hormone released by the adrenal glands after receiving a message from the brain that you are in a stressful position that you need to get out of. hence the surge of energy – to run away from the tiger that is chasing you! (Thats what our adrenaline was designed for)

However once on this cycle – I can understand why it can be hard to break. I started to rely on this false energy, this false motivation and at the beginning it felt good – productive even. But then in the mornings it became harder and harder to wake up – so I needed the coffee to get going, and the more stimulants I had, the more work my adrenals had to do, and then I got into a vicious cycle of exhausting and pushing my body with un natural energy just to get things done.

Now yes I should have known better…

However I also believe that things do happen for a reason, and I know that it happened so I can put all of my knowledge about adrenal health to very good use and share my adrenal health story with you and to help others too in the same position.

If you carry on pushing your body, somethings going to break!

Adrenal fatigue and exhaustion is so common now in this busy paced world we live in, it is actually behind many symptoms that a lot of people are struggling with.

When our adrenals are being majorly overworked we will start to feel :

  • anxious
  • overwhelm
  • fatigued
  • tired and wired
  • jittery nervous system
  • weight gain
  • headaches
  • lack of motivation
  • brain fog

and much more!

We are relying on stimulants to get through the day – even ‘healthy ones’, however these are still stimulants, and any stimulants on already tired adrenals is not good.

  • green tea
  • raw cacao
  • matcha

I had become addicted to ‘healthy’ stimulants to get me through times of pressure, stress and it became an unhealthy cycle that my body has shown me loud and clear has to stop!

My normal balanced energy had become this false energy, that only lasted for a while and then crashed, leaving me feeling drained, weak and stressed out. My nervous system felt whacked!

I’ve always been sensitive to caffeine.. and my body is very sensitive (which is a blessing as I get message’s quickly)  Some people will be more sensitive to stimulants and caffeine than others (you’ll be nodding if this is you) but I believe that any stimulants if taken every day or relied on,  will have a negative effect on wellbeing and vitality.

Stimulants drain us of our vital energy.

The valuable lesson here is to build ourselves up from a strong foundation, to build our own real energy back up.

To nourish ourselves, be gentle, lots of self-love, listening carefully to each little message our bodies give us.

Health is our wealth.

When stressed the worst thing to do is to turn to stimulants.. instead try one of these:

  • daily walks in nature
  • meditating
  • light exercise – yoga, stretching,
  • hot baths
  • magnesium supplement
  • b vitamins
  • barefoot on the earth

Respecting our bodies is crucial – catching the littles messages makes a big difference. If not, eventually your body will give you a BIG message that you won’t be able to ignore!

Creating real, stable, core strength energy is what we are ideally looking for to create true vibrancy.  This comes from really looking after ourselves, our adrenals, our hormones, our nervous system – by slowing down, reducing or stopping stimulants altogether so we can connect to our real energy and be able to listen and work with our bodies in a loving way.

Love  Sarah xx

Body + Soul  Coach for Balanced Babes.

(Bringing peace to the mind,  nourishment to the body + connection to the soul!)

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You Are Powerful


Connect To Your Power

I’ve been focusing on my solar plexus chakra for a couple of weeks now. I love the power of balancing chakra’s and how each chakra links to an aspect of our life.

My belief is once you have balanced all of your chakras – (energy points + centres) in the body, your life flows which much more ease and grace.

Today I’m going to share about the solar plexus, which is just one of the chakras.

It is located in the area of your stomach, your core. (Place your hands on your tummy to connect with it, take a few deep breath’s in and out.)

How does this area feel to you? Is it strong? or do you have trouble with your digestion, will power and sugar cravings..?

When this area is weak –

it can manifest as lack of willpower, drive and confidence,  and also show up as problems within the digestive system and sugar cravings.

When this area is strong –

you will feel confident, you will have the drive you need to follow your goals, dreams and desires. Your digestive system will be happier.

When I say weak and strong, what I mean is how much the energy flows in that area. Weak means there are blockages in the energy. Strong means the energy is free, flowing – balanced.

So how can we improve the energy flow from weak to strong in each chakra?

My favourite ways are to use energy healing such as Reiki, meditation and body work. Each chakra would have different specific exercises you can do.

As we are focusing on the solar plexus I will share with you my favourite ways to balance this chakra point:

The colour associated with the solar plexus is yellow. This means meditating on the colour yellow can help strengthen this point.

The sun is really healing for this chakra – summer time is perfect at balancing the solar plexus – your power point!

“Have you ever noticed that you feel more confident and driven in summer?”

The sun is really great at energizing this energy centre,  so will also help the digestion. Letting your bare tummy see the sun is great, so get sunbathing!

Because the solar plexus is our core, focusing on our posture is very important. How we carry ourselves – Is your core strong when you are standing, walking, sitting?

It should be. If not you need to focus on engaging your abs and core muscles – this will have a very beneficial effect on everything linked to the solar plexus. You will start to feel more confident in the world and like you can achieve anything!

Foods to nourish the solar plexus –

Avoiding access sugars and processed carbs really helps – as the solar plexus is linked to the pancreas.

Great foods to focus on are  lemons, sweet potato, squash and quinoa.

So there are a few of my top tips to connect and balance your solar plexus to help you stand tall in the world, reach your goals, your dreams and feel confident.

If you feel your solar plexus needs some love.. try out these tips and let me know how you get on. I’d love to hear from you.

You can also come on over and share with me and Tribe here:

Love  Sarah xx

Body + Soul  Coach for Balanced Babes.

(Bringing peace to the mind,  nourishment to the body + connection to the soul!)

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How To Balance Your Emotions


It’s all in the GROUNDING!


My number one tip for finding a balance is focusing on grounding yourself.

I actually think I’m starting to sound like a broken record I go on about it so much  😉 however I can not stress how important it is to really work at keeping yourself grounded for the rest of life to fall into place.

To me balance and grounding kind of mean the same thing, they certainly bring us the same feeling I believe.


“When balanced we will truly thrive “


So why is grounding so important?

Its connects us to our foundation, our security, our safety. It symbolises our body, our home, our place in the world. Grounding represents all of these aspects of ourselves and the relationship that we have with life.

When lots of change is going on (as it is now if you are feeling the planetary shifts happening to our consciousness )  it is easy to become ungrounded and that is when we can start to feel anxious, fearful, depressed, overwhelmed. When our minds are basically running a million miles an hour and all of our energy is in our head – thinking and analysing everything.

When we feel like this – focusing on bringing this energy down from the head and into the rest of our body does us the world of good.

Bringing the energy down and into our roots, will bring your relief from a busy mind and the loop of fearful thinking.  Also that exhausted feeling that comes with overwhelm and being out of balance.

My favourite ways to ground our energy is:

– Get outside in nature

– Hug a tree

– Get your bare feet onto the earth, rock, grass, sand, sea..

– Take a deep breathe in and out.

– Taking a hot bath with your favourite essential oil.

– Laughing with friends.

– Avoiding  sugar, caffeine + alcohol – basically any stimulants will unground your energy.

– Focusing on grounding foods – carrots, sweet potato, parsnips,

– Drinking lots of water – this will help your energy flow better which is great for grounding

– Moving your body – yoga, running, dancing  (dancing is my favourite!)

– Focusing on strengthening your legs – your roots!


I highly recommend you try these and feel the difference in your energy, health and happiness when done regularly!

Wishing you a beautiful day. 

Sarah xx

p.s) I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what your experiences are with grounding? Do you have your own favourite grounding techniques? What makes you feel grounded ?

You can share them with me and Tribe here:

Love  Sarah xx

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Don’t Panic – Its Just Mercury Retrograde!


When we hear Mercury Retrograde it can have us running in the opposite direction or preparing ourselves in the brace position..

“Oh god..  whats the next 3 weeks going to bring?”

I know i’ve been there too.

However this most recent mercury retrograde – I actually came out the other side feeling grounded, centred, and clear as crystal. My relationship with myself stronger than ever, my relationship with my fiancé stronger than ever, my outlook on my whole life stronger than ever.


This last Mercury Retrograde I felt was life changing!


Yep.. I didn’t know it was possible either.  I must admit all the other mercury retrogrades I’ve come flying out the other side, dusting myself off, feeling relieved its all over.

Not this time!

So I got thinking.. what had I done differently this time round.. ??

Here’s what I came up with:

  • I was in total surrender mode.
  • I was open.
  • I wasn’t resisting the slow energy or the stillness.
  • I was embracing the quietness.
  • I went for daily walks.
  • I listened to the information coming in.
  • I didn’t push myself.
  • I accepted it.
  • I was 100% willing to be guided.
  • I was reflective.
  • I was full of gratitude for each day – opening myself up to receiving.
  • I wasn’t attached to an outcome of a day.
  • I wasn’t too attached to my to do list.
  • I spent days just watching movies and ‘being’.
  • I was grounding my energy daily.

Yeah..  I know it can be easier said than done.. but I realise that is what happened.

I embraced it and it was magical!


So I’m ready for you next time Mercury Retrograde.

Actually I’m a little excited 😉

How did the mercury retrograde go for you?

Love  Sarah xx (Your Mind Body Soul Coach to a beautiful life) ***

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Its Okay To Want People To Like You


Connection is KEY. I believe its very natural and healthy to want to connect with others and for it to FEEL good.

However if we are changing ourselves or our beliefs to make people like us, this is when it’s not okay. Not only will this send a message to ourselves that we are not enough to just be ourselves, or there is something we need to hide, it will also take us away from our own self-love and acceptance. Which I believe is one of the keys to our happiness.

I believe being ourselves in all situations is very important, it’s a huge act of self-love. By allowing ourselves to share our TRUE self is one of the most empowering things we can do.

Society has taught us that we must ‘fit in’ to be liked.. we must be the ‘same’ so when we start to step out of our closet with our full sparkly unique selves on show, it will make you feel out of your comfort zone. But it is so worth it!

The great thing is, when you start to make those steps, letting your unique self out (the person you were born as)  you WILL attract your ‘tribe’ you will attract into your life the people who totally ‘get’ you, that you feel totally safe with, the ones that you can open up to, let your light and dark side be seen, your vulnerabilities, your whole self. The ones that make you feel good to be YOU.

These are the connections you are craving – true, real connections.

This is where the magic starts to happen. Where you feel lit up from being around people, you feel energised, inspired, motivated and your love for yourself doubles just by being around them.

This is the magic that comes from being our TRUE SELF.

The more we change ourselves to fit in, the more we actually take ourselves further away from what we wanted and desired in the first place.

So – it’s not that we just want people to like us… It’s that we want people to SEE us, for who we truly are, and love us, accept us, and make us feel at HOME.

I know that on my own journey to discover my truth and letting myself be SEEN more and more, that stepping out of that comfort zone, out of the shadows and sharing my heart and soul is the best thing I ever did.

Letting yourself be seen is one of biggest acts of self-love you can do for yourself.

I want to share with you some tips on finding your tribe and being totally and uniquely YOU:

– Start to get clear on your own truth. Your desires. Your dreams. Who you are.

– Singing and dancing is a great way to tap into your throat chakra, helping you to be okay at expressing yourself. Speaking your truth in a loving way and standing up for what you believe in.

– Ask yourself what do you love to do? hobbies.. spare time etc.. ? Find some groups on-line and go and connect with like-minded souls. (Ignite Your Spark Tribe)

– Whats your style. I love fashion. I think it’s a great way to express ourselves. Go through your wardrobe and only keep the clothes that make you feel great!

– Start a blog, or write, paint, take photos, express yourself creatively that feels good to you and share it with the world.

– Follow your joy, all the things that make you happy, you will naturally find the people you are meant to, as we attract into our lives by the good vibrations we give out.

– Look into your eyes every morning in the mirror and say ” I Love You’ . When we love ourselves we can not help but be ourselves and find our tribe effortlessly.

Get out there and be YOU xx

So much love  Sarah xx

(Body + Soul Radiance Coach )

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Using Crystals For Healing + Wellbeing


.Crystals 101.

I love crystals. I have a growing collection and if you ever come to my house.. you’ll find crystals in every room. I love the energy they bring and the way they work to balance and uplift the energy around you – by wearing them as jewellery, stashed in your bra.. or placed around your work space and living space.  I also use them in my reiki healing sessions with my clients too, as they are great at balancing the energy centres of the body (chakras).

So how do crystals work?

Crystals come from the earth, and they all give off energy. Each crystal is unique. They are also used in things like – radios, clocks, traffic lights and even space shuttles for the ability they have at giving off electrical impulses and being energy conductors.  Crystals generate, store, regulate, transmit and transform energy.

They are mainly formed from silicon and oxygen. When silicon and oxygen combine they form silicon dioxide – which is also know as quartz. The other elements that are present during the process are what create the many different varieties of crystals out there!

Most people are drawn to crystals for the beauty they bring us, and we will also be drawn to certain crystals for the energy they give off. Crystals can work to bring the body, emotions, mind and spirit into balance and harmony. A great way to support ourselves and assist any healing that is needed.

Crystals work at raising our own energy – raising our vibration! When you raise your vibration the world around you starts to change to match that vibration. They also help you tap into wisdom, self healing and your intuition.


How to use crystals:

  • Wear crystals, as a pendant, bracelet, earrings or rings.
  • Carry crystals in your pocket, bag or even in your bra if you don’t have any pockets!
  • Place crystals on your body, whilst laying down.
  • Placing crystals in your house – bringing positive, uplifting energy into each room
  • Place crystals under your pillow.
  • Put a crystal into your bath water, and relax.
  • Meditating with crystals .


How to choose a crystal:

I believe that you will be drawn to the right crystal, you will know which one is for you. A good way of checking is to hold a crystal and if you don’t want to let go of it.. the crystal is the one for you, as your body is telling you it needs the energy and frequency the crystal is giving out.

So using your intuition is aways the best way I believe.

or you can check out the guide below to help you decide on which property and quality a certain crystal brings, which is also a great way to start exploring  the benefits of crystals.


A Quick Crystal Guide:

*Increasing Intuitive and psychic gifts:

– Amethyst – calming. connection.

– Sodalite – understanding. inner vision.

– Clear Quartz – clarity. focus.

*Love + Relationships:

– Rose Quartz – gentle. unconditional love. soothing.

– Rhodochrosite – self love. balance. comfort.

*Happiness :

– Labradorite –  hope. cleansing. higher self.

*Calming the mind:

– Amethyst – inner peace. serenity

– Larimar – soothing. uplifting. flowing.

*Supporting study + learning:

– Fluorite – focus. soul purpose.

– Hematite – concentration. intuition. grounding.

*Creativity, work and new projects:

– Aventurine – confidence. prosperity. growth.

– Carnelian – motivation. creativity.

– Amazonite – opportunities. truth. expression.

* Travel 

– Jasper – grounding . protective.. nurturing.

– Mookaite – calming. flexible. wise.

– Aquamarine – courage. protective.

*Good Luck + Abundance:

– Citrine – energising. open. receiving.

– Jade – beginnings. prosperity.

*Fertility/ Reproductive system:

– Moonstone – moon cycle. creation. nurturing.

– Shiva Lingams – balance. creation.

*For Children:

– Rose quartz  –  love. gentle.

– Amethyst – soothing. harmonious.


– Black tourmaline – grounding. protective. cleansing.

– Fluorite – protects. aligns.

– Smoky quartz – clearing. releasing. grounding.

– Amethyst – cleansing. transforms. positive.


You can do so much more with crystals and I could write forever.. but I wanted to give you an easy overview in getting to know crystals and how to start introducing them into your life.

I hope you find this interesting and I’d love to hear about your own crystal experiences 🙂

Love + Light Sarah xx

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The Soul Spark Challenge



I’ve started a little challenge over on The Ignite Your Spark Tribe and on Instagram  which starts Monday 1st June.

– What it involves is writing a list of all of the things that TRULY LIGHTS you up –  the things that make your soul HAPPY dance.

– Once you have your list – (here is mine below as an example) you can use the hashtag #mysoulsparklist so we can connect as a group and then on Monday we start to do one thing of our soul spark list a day!


– Then post a photo each day of one of the things on your list , on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #thesoulsparkchallenge sharing it and posting it is a great way for us to stay committed to honouring our soul desires every day. Its a great way to build this life changing habit into your daily life.

I know that once we truly honour our soul happiness everyday our life will reflect this. We can not receive what we do not give to ourselves.

Try this challenge and watch your inner happiness and fulfilment with life transform! 

I can’t wait to see your post’s. Remember to use the hashtags #mysoulsparklist and #mysoulsparkchallenge – so we can all stay connected and support each other with igniting our sparks and shining bright!

You deserve to honour your soul EVERYDAY!


Love  Sarah xx

(Body + Soul Radiance Coach )

Discover Your Soul Spark-

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